Xmas Gift Guide 2015 | For Your Lovely Ladies

Personalised Make-Up Bag | Tatty Devine Necklace - Ruby Slippers | Yankee Candles Votive Gift Set | YSL Lipstick
Cath Kidston Pyjamas | Snuggly Boot Slippers | D&G Fragrance Minis | Nail Polish Set | Pom-Pom Clutch Bag
The ladies in your life. A lot easier to buy for usually because they're more likely to tell you what they like I find! But oddly, I found this wishlist harder to put together, simply because I don't buy for many ladies! I based this on things I personally like to get in general for Christmas and what I think us girlies would like! So I hope this helps anyone stuck and lets get onto why I've picked these things on my wishlist and who they'd be good for!
First up lets talk about the cosy things. This counts as the pyjamas and the slippers! What girl doesn't want a beautiful set of pyjamas and some comfy slippers? I picked these pyjamas from Cath Kidston, simply because they're doing the prettiest Christmas prints right now and the slippers are just looking so fluffy and snuggly.
In terms of your more beauty-loving type girls something along the lines of a personalised make up bag would make a lovely useful and sentimental gift! You can find these in a lot of places now, but I'm extremely fond of this stripy and gold one from notonthehighstreet.com. On top of that any girl who is into her make up would appreciate a beautiful high end lipstick! Now, if you're a guy buying this - pick a colour YOU would like to see on her, or you know suits her. And though you may think this gift is small, it is perfect and we will appreciate it!
Nail polish. Almost every girl loves painting her nails and this trio from Urban Outfitters is gorgeous with it's metallic and neon colours! I'd love to get a trio of polishes under the tree or for a stocking filler, and other brands like Essie do things like this too - so you can shop around for some great nail polish sets!
Lastly in the beauty zone is perfume and this is for any lady of any age! Whether you're buying for a teen getting into beauty products, your sister, your mum, aunt or even your gran! Perfume is always a lovely gift, and if you're not sure on what to get, a set of perfume minis is usually perfect! It's great for trying out new scents and you never know they might like one so much that it may lead to a full size bottle purchase next year! You're investing for the future ;)
Now for your fashionistas I've chosen to stick to just accessories, simply because these are things that can be super versatile for your fashion loving friend, sister, cousin, etc. First up you have to check out Tatty Devine for some gorgeous necklaces! I absolutely love this red slippers necklace but there are so many others to suit so many different personalities including personalised name necklaces. Easy gift no?
And if you're not thinking jewellery is your answer, how about a bag? Something fun and trendy right now. And what's more trendy than a fluffy pom-pom? This gorgeous pink clutch from New Look is right up any fashion blogger's street! It's cute and simple and a statement.
Last and definitely not least there are a lot of ladies who love a good candle. And for good candles at a good price we go to Yankee Candle right!? I love this time of year for candles - I think they're the best time for them and I love these sets Yankee Candle do for those who want to try lots of scents. I don't like buying those huge big lumpy candles that last forever because I get bored easily so these votives would be perfect for anyone who likes to chop and change their scents around the house. I recommend Christmas Eve though if you're looking for just one scent! Or for something less Christmassy: Pink Sands.
I hope this gift guide helps you for your girls and if you haven't seen my guys gift guide you can click here to see it now! I've picked 9 things I think would be perfect for your everyday man, just like I have here for your everyday lady. I hope my gift guide gives you some ideas, and if it does please let me know! Also leave links to your gift guides down below too :) I'd love to see them!
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