The #BloggersXmas Event

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the #BloggersXmas event organised by the beautiful girls from Soeur de Luxe! I don't think there's ever been a Christmas blogger event like this before so I was excited to come to this one, and met up with a few bloggers at Liverpool Street Station before heading over to Finch's where the event was held!

When we got there, the room was buzzing with brands and bloggers! First thing I noticed was the big selfie wall complete with Christmassy props to take photos in front of. The place looked amazing!
I walked around with the beaut that is Amanda Bootes (check out her blog here) and we first stopped off to see the Makeup London Academy's products and have a chat. We spoke about their products, and what they offer to their students as well as how we could book master classes in make up.
I was really impressed with their anti-ageing make up primer because it felt so moisturising, and they convinced me that I need to try colour correcting kits like theirs! Amanda also got to sit down and get her make up done by one of the make up artists!

Walking around we next ended up looking at these men's underwear! They were from a brand called House of Dreadful and the designs are super cheeky! I love them though, and their story was interesting to listen to! They create vintage style boxers with the old vintage shape and the prints are designed by a lovely artist called Sarah Dvojack.

Another brand we saw that I really loved was Chilpa. They are a fair trade company working directly with the designers of these beautiful cushions, scarves and bags! I adore these cushions and would absolutely love one in my room! I'm honestly thinking about getting one.

I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked at the event, but I did meet a lot of other brands I really loved. I really loved tasting Aroma's beautiful gluten free cupcakes and chatting to the guys at Onedox about how they're trying to make bill paying easier and less stressful on top of saving you time and money! I also chatted to the lovely girls at the Blogosphere table about the magazine and what they do, and Miglio Jewellery and their amazing collaboration with Annakennedyonline who support autism awareness.
I think the brand I was impressed with that sticks out to mind the most was Sweet Chessus, just because that cheesecake was SO delicious! I actually thought about taking the train to Selfridges just to get myself a cheesecake all to myself! Trust me to be most impressed with a sweet treats stall I was pretty much obsessed with the idea of getting a couple of cheesecakes to myself! I'm craving cheesecake lots now. (Later finds out she walked past a stockist in St Pancras... Nooooo!)
It was such a fun event and I'd love to thank Soeur de Luxe for organising the event, and the girls I met at Liverpool Street Station for letting me meet with you. And Amanda for walking around with me! It was lovely to meet all the brands and meet new bloggers too. You were all so lovely ♥ I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
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  1. So glad you came and had a good time! Can't wait to see you again xx