Haul | Birthday Presents

I am so happy with the things my lovely family and boyfriend got me for my birthday this year. I don't often ask for anything so this little haul of presents I received yesterday speaks volumes on how much they know me! Today I thought I'd share with you what I got and why I love the gifts so much! ♥

First up I have to talk about these amazing all black Glancy Timberland boots. I've been eyeing them up ever since they blew up in stores, and having these already in the classic Nubuck colour I reallllllyyy wanted these in black too. Now, I will admit I knew about these because they were bought back in early November. There was a great deal on these when we saw them, and instead of walking away, he snapped them up for my birthday! On top of these gorgeous boots, he also bought me the teal Superdry jeans that I'm absolutely loving! The colour is amazing and they feel super soft on. LOVE. (The boy seriously has some style!)

Next we have another pair of boots I got from my parents! My mum is amazing at spotting things you want or need for presents... She's a sly character and after a chat about boots and seeing me eye up pairs of flat over the knee boots she found these beauts! She knew I didn't want heels because I wanted them to be more practical, and she really hit the jackpot with these because I'm in love with the silver zip detailing in the back. Thank you parents! ♥

As well as some awesome boots I also got some awesome books. One of my amazing friends from work got me The Gruffalo because her and the children in our class couldn't believe I hadn't read it. She was the sweetest thing and got them all to secretly sign a card and somehow the whole class kept the secret until the very last day of term. CUTE! Now I know the story of The Gruffalo and have a copy of the book for myself :)
On the other end of the book spectrum, my brother bought me Tyler Oakley's Binge! I really wanted this book, but just didn't get round to getting it for myself. I've read only a couple of chapters real quick and I'm already hooked on reading more of this entertaining book.

Last but definitely not least, I got a couple of clothing pieces that I'm loving lots! First is a hoodie my uncle bought me. This cute fluffy hoodie has the most adorable cat ears and the word 'meow' written across the front complete with cat features; Something I always did when signing my name as cat was put those cat features around my name! This spoke volumes to me because I felt it really suits my personality and needs. I'm forever cold and now I can be lounging at home warm and cuddly in this awesome hoodie!
From my sister, I got this cute emoji tee. I'm forever using the monkey emojis, and so she bought me this two way sequinned monkey emoji tee! Rub it upwards and it's the monkey covering his eyes, rub it down and he's covering his ears! Way too cute, entertaining and addictive to keep moving up and down.

If my boyfriend or family are reading this, I want to say a big thank you for my presents again. I love them all very much and I feel like they really show how much you know me. Just the thought behind them makes me really happy and I hope you all know that.

So that's it! I hope you liked seeing what I got this year, and don't forget to check out my previous post to see what I wore on my birthday! 


  1. Oh I want to read Binge so badly! I always get nervous about other people buying me clothes because it's usually not what I like/not my size. I really love getting new clothes, though! It's a slippery slope.

  2. I love the boots from your parents! Mums really do find the best things <3

    Gisforgingers xx