My December

December. It's always eventful month for most people and this month has been undoubtedly busy for me! We've all had Christmas, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, Sale shopping, and after all that we had eating and playing with any Christmas presents we got this year. On top of that I've had my birthday, the Blogger's Xmas event and tonight I've got a lovely evening planned out for mine and John's 5 year anniversary! (Which is actually tomorrow.)
Heck yeah it's been a busy month and I've done a lot, so sit back and let me tell you all about it!

Me and mum started prepping for Christmas in the first week of December. Being excited about a fresh new living room to decorate, before we knew it we'd put the tree up, Santa was next to the Chimney and We were wrapping presents and putting them under the tree! I also finished my Christmas shopping in that week and was feeling super proud of myself so treated myself to some MAC and that awesome PLL sweater I spoke about in my December Favourites.
I also got to go to Bloggers Xmas at the beginning of the month which was a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit as well as see some blogger friends and meet some new brands. You can read all about that here.
With it being super busy and eventful at work, before I knew it, it was coming right up to half term which meant it was nearly Christmas - but before that it was my birthday! I turned a scary twenty six this month and though feeling the quarter life crisis and dreading the day had a surprisingly lovely day with my family and boyfriend. We went out for an all you can eat world food buffet and I got to spend time with all the people I love!
Christmas was creeping up fast after all my birthday festivities were over and I was getting so excited that I even went out and bought a gingerbread house to decorate and was wearing out all my Christmas jumpers. People must of thought I was crazy with festive spirit.

Christmas was perfect too! The entire day went so well, but it all went way to quickly too. In the family home we woke up pretty early at 7:30 and spent the whole morning unwrapping presents. Next thing you know we were all getting ready for a relaxing day and an epic dinner. I spent my evening with John too unwrapping even more presents and enjoying our 4th Christmas together! I was given some lovely presents this year and I'd definitely say I was spoilt this year. I also think I gave some pretty good presents out too! I was pretty happy with the reaction from everyone this Christmas, so I was made for the day knowing that I did well on the gift front.
Having all the holidays off for work, I've had the laziest few days between Christmas and New Years. As well as being in 'super-chill-out' mode, I've also managed to casually work on my blog improving it and getting it ready to be awesome for 2016. I think I've done a pretty good job, and it's been lovely having the time to get my personal and blog stuff together and organised properly without all the rush, as well as recharging for the new year.

I'm really looking forward to tonight and I'm also looking forward to 2016 too! I got a good feeling about next year and I'm honestly feeling extremely positive about the future right now.
I hope you all have or will have had a wonderful new year's eve and I will see you in 2016! ♥



  1. It's so good to see you had a lovely December! I hope you finish of 2015 in style and have a lovely and happy 2016. Much love xx

  2. I'm glad you had a December!
    Hope 2016 is good for you :)
    Jessica | x