What I Got For Christmas 2015

Christmas Day was absolutely amazing ♥ And just like that it was over but it was definitely a Christmas to remember. This year was just perfect because it went so well; Everyone loved their presents, dinner was spot on and there were no hiccups all day. (Apart from accidentally dropping and breaking my phone... Oops!)
Today I thought I would share what I got with you. I love reading these posts myself and seeing what people got and reading any back stories about presents. It's like a haul post really and I'm just nosey really! Hehe! Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing what I got from my lovely family and boyfriend!

First up, I have the presents from my family and I was feeling like I was having a very emoji Christmas when I opened these up! I got one of my favourite emojis in pillow form and I think will sit nicely on my desk chair. And I've already worn these super comfy emoji pyjamas! I think the trousers are SO cute don't you? I love emojis.

I love a bit of Lush too, so when I unwrapped this box of joy, I was very happy! I haven't had many baths since I moved back home thanks to having my own en-suite shower but I think I will now that I have a great selection of Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars to use!

This year, I think one of the only things I asked for was slippers. My current ones have started to lose their cosiness so I was happy to see two pairs of slippers under the tree! They're both so cute with fluffy insides, and I'm a big fan of the knitted look on both pairs. The Rudolph slippers will be great for upstairs and the boots ones for downstairs since we have wood flooring down there.

I also received this gorgeous scented pamper gift set from my boyfriend's mum which I can't wait to use. I don't know what the scent is just yet and can't find it but I kept opening the box to smell it it's so good! It's very fresh and floral if I had to describe it.
As well as that, my sister bought me this gorgeous scarf.The cutest thing was she bought it especially so I could wear it with my new Superdry jeans ♥! And I also got these super bright nail polishes that I can't wait to try out either. I'm trying to grow my nails properly so it would be nice to be able to use these on some long nails. I think I want to try the yellow first!

Last but not least from my family, I was bouncing with excitement when I opened up the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette! I'd been staring at this beauty online for a good few weeks now and when my mum asked me what I would like, I mentioned this palette but said it's too much to ask for knowing that it's a pretty expensive palette. But alas, she decided to surprise me with it this Christmas. I'm absolutely in awe with the beautiful colours and have created a couple of great looks with it already! I can't wait to try all the colours ♥ Thanks mum!

From my boyfriend I got some amazing gifts too. And this 'Girlfriend Hamper' specified to my likes was beyond perfect!!! I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw this, because everything was wrapped individually and it was huge! He said he wanted to make a hamper full of the things I'd love and use on a daily basis or when I wanted something fun to do, and this hamper does all of that!

In the hamper I got chocolates, books from colouring ones to lists of things to be happy about, hair bands (because I'm always losing them), socks, lip balm, a notebook, my favourite hot chocolate, an amazing smelling candle and so much more. Honestly, I'm still amazed by everything in this hamper. I cannot WAIT to start using the things in it!

And I've saved the biggest present I got this year until last. This gorgeous Nikon D3300. I couldn't believe it when I unwrapped this beauty from my boyfriend. I could have cried because he knows how much I've wanted my own DLSR and now I have one. It's absolutely amazing, and I just was lost for words at his generosity... I still am. He knows how much I love photography and how much my blog means to me and thought that it was time for an upgrade from my last one, which he bought me a few years back. I couldn't thank him enough - if it wasn't for him, the quality of my blog wouldn't be where it is now and I wouldn't be rekindling my joy for photography again. Thank you so much John, you're amazing and I love you! ♥

So there we go! I did get a few other things that I didn't list here, like some more make up, chocolates and I have an iTunes voucher to spend too. (Hello Justin Beiber album!) But I feel so blessed and lucky and I am SO thankful for the gifts I've received this year. I appreciate and love every single one of them, and I just hope my family and my boyfriend knows how much I mean that. Presents aside, Christmas was wonderful and just seeing everyone's happy faces was gold. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas ♥ I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.

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  1. Merry Christmas Cat! Looks like you got some amazing things - new slipping are on the cards for me too but the hamper from your boyfriend is so sweet!

    Gisforgingers xx