What Cat Wore | Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! I hope you've all had a wonderful day? I have had a pretty lazy one if I'm honest. I've wrapped up a few of my parent's last minute gifts and helped clear up the house ready for tomorrow blasting Christmas tunes and some old club classics Kisstory style. I popped out for a little bit too, so I thought I would wear my new jeans and boots.

I've been desperate to wear these jeans out since I got them on my birthday and today seemed right. I decided to wear it with my most toned down and almost not christmassy Christmas jumper and test ran my new timberland boots which I'm totally in love with!
I realised today when I was out and my outfit was complimented on that I was completely kitted out with an outfit entirely bought by my boyfriend! I was wearing the coat he got me two years ago, this jumper is about three now from a birthday and both the jeans and boots are from thi birthday just gone! As you can tell, my boyfriend has a sense of style, and he's really good and picking things that really suit me. He knows me so well!

I hope you've all had a beautiful Christmas Eve and that your Christmas Day is more than twice as wonderful! Pig out, enjoy presents, give generously and smile as big as you can! Merry Christmas ♥
What I'm Wearing:
Jumper - Don't Know (Sorry!)
Jeans - Superdry
Boots - Timberland
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