December Favourites

It's almost the end of month meaning it's that time again where we all think about what our favourite things have been for the last 30-31 days. This month I've been loving comfort, scents and sparkle. Carry on reading to see why the five things above are my favourites this December!

During the Black Friday events, I discovered a brand called Da Silva London and purchased this Pretty Little Liars inspired Sweater from them thanks to a cheeky Black Friday discount code and it has undoubtly been my favourite sweater/jumper this month. I couldn't even count how many times I've worn it already on two hands! The soft inside makes this the cosiest thing to wear and the quote just gets me excited for Season 6b in Janurary. I was never really into TV series, before but Pretty Little Liars is definitely up there on my favourite ever TV series.
For my birthday I always like to buy something new to wear for the day. I don't know why but it's become my own little tradition. I had my eye on this Topshop Pinafore for a really long time now, so I was glad to see it still available in my local Topshop when I went to buy myself an outfit. I absolutely adore the pinafore and can't wait to wear it some more and try out new ways to wear it.

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum is currently my favourite scent! I love sweet scents so when I tried it at Duty Free in Lisbon, I ended up buying it very last minute before our gate opened. With lots of things happening this month like Christmas, my birthday, Christmas parties and other evenings out I wore this quite a lot! I've been really enjoying this, and if you like sweet scents like me, I'd definitely recommend this one.

Earlier on this month I treated myself to a couple of things from MAC and one of the things I bought via a recommendation from the sales assistant in the St. Pancras store was their Pressed Pigment in Blonde Streak. I was looking for a loose pigment originally that I could use to add a shimmer to any make up look for this party season when she recommended I try this pressed pigment instead. I've used it so many times over the last month and I really love it. Not only is it really shimmery like I wanted, but it works over any colour and I also love using it just on my brow bone as a highlighter. A beautiful colour if you're looking for a layering shimmer shadow.

Last but not least this month, I am loving Christmas Candles. My favourite was probably Christmas on the Beach (all gone and the jar has been recycled for a succulent!) because it smelt absolutely gorgeous. Though it reminded me of the summer on some days and smelt exactly like a Pina Colada, I could tell why it was a Christmas scent. It was warm and sweet and filled the room so quickly. It was from Village Candle which I think is a cheaper version of Yankee Candle but I think might be better! I also burnt Yankee Candle's Christmas Eve ON Christmas Eve and am currently enjoying Glade's Spiced Apple which my boyfriend got me for Christmas. This one is just sooooo GOOD!

So that's it for my favourite this month.. And in fact the last favourites for the year! What have been your favourites this month? Tweet me! Let's get chatting!