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Apologies for my AFK status this week. I had a bunch of blog posts planned until life happened and the dying of my laptop. I don't know if it's repairable damage yet, but it's basically turning on but not starting up if that makes sense. I think after 7 years I have to think of replacing the thing. ANYWAY...
Today off my little sister's laptop I am sharing with you my Christmas Party outfit from Friday night. I am pretty certain this dress has been featured on my blog at least once every year since I bought it (4 years ago I think). This beautiful velvet champagne skater dress with gold glitter polka dots was my first blogger inspired purchase. It was inspired by Lily Melrose and has become one of those staple wardrobe pieces that I don't think I'll ever get rid of or stop loving!

So as I said I wore this outfit to the work Christmas Party on Friday - it was a lovely meal all together at a local pub/bar where I finally got to relax and get to know some of my new work colleagues. The dress code was smart casual but I kinda don't do that... I don't know why I just can't sometimes. This is my 'smasual' look and I'm aware that I look like I'm ready for a night out too! You have to be ready right!?... Just in case. I wore my dress with a thick waisted belt for a little extra detail and a black necklace to keep the black consistent through my outfit and lastly slightly clashed the whole thing with my fave fluffy pink clutch bag which I am using as my everyday bag right now!
I can't believe how much I still love this dress though after all the time I've had it. That's when you know it was a great and perfect purchase. When you still love it years down the line. Always my go-to winter party dress ♥
Have you got a dress or pieces in your wardrobe like this to you? What is it? I'd love to know!

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