2016 Goals

2016 is creeping up fast and this month I've been thinking hard about my goals for the next year. This year I wrote my 2015 goals, and if I'm honest I think I only achieved two of my five life goals and I didn't reach any of my blog goals. That said, I did achieve other things I didn't write down leading me to leave this year feeling like I've achieved a few goals and with a smile on my face!

This year I got myself a new job in a career that I've always wanted and really want to take to the next level. So much so that I've applied to go to university again next year to get the qualifications I need to get to where I want to be. Not only has this job opened career opportunities for me, but it has made me so much happier and I enjoy going to work everyday. It's also helped my health massively too, that now after over two years of suffering with stress related physical health issues, they're completely gone and forgotten.
I've also started consistently working on my goal of becoming a healthier and happier person with regular yoga sessions thanks to an app called Yoogaia and a change in eating habits. Though I haven't hit any of my health goals yet, I'm on my way and I feel happy for having started this year!
This year things have changed lots and I want 2016 to out-do 2015 for me. So enough chit-chat about this year. Let's look at my 2016 goals!

Life Goals

  • University. This year, I plan to start university. I've applied and I'm now waiting on replies for interviews and offers. It's a course I've been wanting to do for a really long time and it felt like the right time to apply for me. It would make me SO happy if I get accepted on a course!
  • A happy body. I wrote beach body at first, and then I realised that's not really what I'm looking for. I'm currently working towards my happier body and by that I mean healthier inside and out. I want to be happy with the way I look and I want to be healthier as a person and I want to finally reach a point this year where I can say 'I have a happy body'. Typically by April when I have my holiday, but I'd love to maintain it after that!
  • Grow my hair and nails. Now I know that this is a very random goal but I've had my hair around shoulder length since 2013 and I really want to grow it long enough to have an awesome dip dye look. It's my aim for the year and I've been keeping it so healthy over the last year that even the salon's who've cut my hair complimented my hair's health. As for my nails, I've booked to get my shellacs redone on my nails again in an attempt to get them to grow healthily and reduce my chances of breakage. I hope by about June/July time I can say that I can grow my nails effortlessly and be able to put my hair in a full on top knot
  • Read my unread books. I have so many books on my shelf that I've intended to read and haven't read yet so I really want to read them all by the end of the year before buying any other books. A couple of titles include The Fault In Our Stars, Blog Inc, Girl Online and Binge. I hope to be able to manage my time well enough to add 10 minutes of reading to my day every day.
  • Photography. With a new DLSR camera, I have the best chance of improving my photography skills. Now I don't want to just photograph for my blog but for fun too. I'd love to photograph well enough to take some gorgeous photos, and maybe some lovely family photos good enough to blow up big and display around the house. Wouldn't that be lovely?
Blog Goals
  • 1k on BlogLovin'. This is a goal I had last year, but this year I really want to reach it. I've already set up my new blog look and banner, and I really want to up my game! This year I'll really work on my blog and though I did last year, I felt like I slacked at times and my content wasn't all there due to the amount of things going on in life.
  • What Cat Wore. As a style blogger I don't think I posted enough outfits. I definitely wore a few good ones that I didn't post, but I want to make sure I at least post one a week. I think that's an achievable goal.
  • Blog Photography. As I mentioned, I've got a new camera; and with my camera I would  love to improve the photography on my blog. I know with my new camera I'm going to love taking photos again, and I can really up my game. I really want to create some amazing photos this year for fun and for myself, but it would be great too to have some beautiful photos to show off on my blog. Hopefully I can re-read my photography book and learn a little something to improve my photography skills.

What are your goals for 2016? Have you got anything in particular that you want to achieve next year! I'd love to know: comment or tweet me @ CatttSays! ♥


  1. Really lovely post, it was nice to hear about your goals from this year and also 2016. I liked the reading unread books goal, I want to do the same and take pleasure in reading more often. I’m into photography also, so in 2016 I want to develop my portfolio and enjoy taking more photos. I hope you achieve some of your recent goals, good luck! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. Wishing you all the luck in the world for University! I am so happy for you knowing what you want to do and I hope you get there! <3

    Gisforgingers xx