#BloggersFestival 2015


Last weekend was the much anticipated for and ever exciting #BloggersFestival who was put together by the beautiful Scarlett London! She really outdid herself this year with an amazing venue, and so many amazing brands. I went to the event last year and it was amazing, and this year it was just as amazing. I don't think I can pick a better of the two. As well as the Festival, the lovely girls at Soeurs de Luxe began the day with a #BloggersLunch at Pizza Express, which started the day of perfectly. Let's start there shall we!?...

PIZZA @ #BloggersLunch
Dough Balls @ #BloggersLunch

I'd only signed up to come to the lunch a few days before, and knew a few of the girls who were going, so it was a great chance to catch up with some of them as well as meeting a few of the others that made it to the lunch. We had a lot of fun chatting, eating pizza and doughballs and finished it off with a good old blogger business card swap! It was a great way to make sure we could all find each other afterwards!

Isabelle, Me & Faye @ #BloggersFestival
Isabelle, Me & Faye @ #BloggersFestival

After the lunch, we headed to the hotel for the event and of course when we got there it was filling up fast! We had a few fun pictures at entrance with Mode Media before going in and enjoying meeting all the brands!
There were so many brands there and it was so much fun to speak to them all and find out about new ones as well as seeing some great ones that I already knew about. As for fashion brands, I spoke to the likes of SimplyBe who has some gorgeous necklaces and these leopard printed boots that were to die for... Bon Prix who I was lucky enough to win a goody bag from and Minimum whose hats were to die for! I'll have one in every colour please...

SimplyBe @ #BloggersFestival
Minimum Fashion @ #BloggersFestival - Hats
Bon Prix @ #BloggersFestival

There were also amazing brands like JewelleryBox.co.uk there giving out some lovely dainty gifts and promoting their pop-up shop in Brixton. They've got some amazing pieces, but I've got my eye on a Brontosaurus necklace I saw hanging around!

JewelleryBox.co.uk Station @ #BloggersFestival
JewelleryBox.co.uk @ #BloggersFestival

As for beauty brands, I was lucky enough to get my eyebrows threaded by the beauties at BrowHaus. They did an amazing job, and I'm literally in love with them... Maybe I'll have to trek down to Covent Garden before my holidays for an appointment because they literally got my eyebrows 'on fleek'!
There were brands such as Cloud Nine there making me want their 'The O' again, and The Perfume Shop making me smell my way through this year's Christmas fragrance wishlist.
I really enjoy meeting the beauty brands though I'm not much a beauty blogger, just because I care a lot about what I put on my skin and discovering new brands. If I like it enough, I could write about it but it's great to see such amazing brands and what they've done to put themselves out there and offer something new to the market!

Balance @ #BloggersFestival
Exuviance @ #BloggersFestival
Cloud Nine @ #BloggersFestival
Barbie Doll House The Perfume Shop @ #BloggersFestivalAlien Fragrance from The Perfume Shop @ #BloggersFestival

This year's Blogger's Festival also had some great stationery based brands which I'm not going to lie - I may have got the most excited about. As a new teaching assistant and long-term stationery addict I was having lots of fun eyeing up these Yorkshire Terrier rubbers, drawing pencils and all the bright colourful other things... I spotted a pair of fluffy headphones I could probably not say no to, though I am probably way to much of an adult for them. There were a few stationery brands including Smiggle - one I'd discovered at my local town centre newly opened just days before. I also made sure I stopped my Toad Diaries to collect my new blogging diary and check out all their other designs. They're so useful I don't know if I could get a diary from anywhere else again! But more of them in a separate post...

Yorkshire Terrier Rubbers @ #BloggersFestival
Stationery @ #BloggersFestival
Toad Diaries @ #BloggersFestival
Toad Diaries @ #BloggersFestival

Overall the afternoon was a success! I'd met lots of lovely brands and bloggers and caught up with some friends I hadn't seen since the last event. I even got to catch up with Ana from La Bella Vita who I'd been meaning to meet up with for a hella long time! As well as Tania from When Tania Talks and Isabelle from Tainted Blues. You should follow them btw - they both got YouTube too!

Me and Ana!Me & Ana wearing wigs!

But I do want to say a big thank you to Scarlett for inviting me again, and of course for always working so super hard on creating such an amazing event. We all look forward to it, and love you for putting so much heart into it! ♥

Did you go to the #BloggersFestival this year!? What were your thoughts of the day?

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  1. The big hair made an appearance on your post too! :) haha

    Your eyebrow game was so strong, Jon...i agree with you.. totally on FLEEK! :)

    Lovely to have caught up with you.. which then led us on to Monday nights shenanigans! :) haha