My 5 September Favourites

5 September Favourites

This month I've been way to busy to be thinking about what I've really been loving this month but with all the crazy, I've still managed to find five things I can honestly say I've been enjoying the most. These are all things I've either been using lots or wearing lots and they've really made an impression on me this month so here goes....!!

So first up I have my Rocketdog Boots that I bought back in about July time. Although I was loving them lots then, I've started to love them lots since starting my new job. I've been wearing them a lot to work and they are the comfiest thing to wear and go with so many different outfits! I've especially been loving them with dresses like the blossom print one I've featured as a favourite here from Next. But let's finish talking about the boots first. Though I've been really loving them, over the last couple of days I've found them to scuff really easily and I've taken about four chunks off the front of my boots (like you may be able to see on the back boot). Though they look a bit silly now with all the scuffs, I'm still wearing them but I might need to find a way of hiding the scuffs or a new pair even! I'm not really happy but I can't complain as I bought them in the USC sale for a decent price!

So onto my pretty pink and black Blossom Dress from Next! When I found out I got the job, I ended up looking for anything that was teacher like and during a visit to Next to return some things I ended up exchanging it for this beautiful dress. Not only is this skater styled dress absolutely beautiful, it's warm, it's got a lovely above-the-elbow sleeve length and the loveliest pockets! Perfect for any beginning teaching assistant like me! I've worn this at least three times to work, and I keep forgetting to do an outfit post with it! I'll be sure to feature it on the blog soon so you can really see it - for now you can check out a little preview of it on my Instagram from the start of the month.

My next favourite has been a book. YES! A book! I've given into the hype and bought The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying by Marie Kondo and I have to say it has worked it's life-changing magic. I can honestly say hand on my heart, I haven't had one messy bedroom day since I bought this book! And though my wardrobe is starting to look a little on the cluttered side, I know exactly what to do to avoid letting it get back to cluttered. I haven't read to the very very end of the book yet but it's been a lovely casual read! I've had my parents and siblings laugh at me about this, but they're not laughing now they've seen the magic it's worked! And it only works if you believe you can read this book and do it... Really. Go buy it now on Amazon.

Onto some beauty things and the first thing I will mention is my beautiful new hair extensions my Halo Hair Extensions! (I have the dark brown #2 20" halo extensions.) Though I've had a little trouble with my own hair-cut blending into the extensions, they've worked a charm styled to hide the harsh blunt cut of my lob. I've enjoyed a half up, half down do, and I've just learned a way of doing a gorgeous side-plait which I will enjoy rocking this weekend for a friend's birthday! I've really loved wearing these and the quality of the extensions themselves is spot on with easy to work with remy hair, easy to apply one piece halo styled extension and a perfect colour match. Amazing. I can't wait for my hair to be a little longer so I can wear them straight down and easier!

Last but not least I have another beauty favourite which you'll hear more about in a review planned for some time next week! At #BloggersFestival I met a lovely brand called Exuviance and they were kind enough to let me try their Gentle Cleansing Creme. I've applied this to my daily skincare routine and the results are so much more than I expected. I've enjoyed feeling clearer in my skin, and more confident without make up as well as the lovely coconutty scent (that's what I think it is) and the soft feeling when applied to the skin. I won't say too much about it right now, but I have been loving it, so expect a positive review and some more information about this great brand very very soon!

I want to know what are your favourites this month, and if there's anything you're recommending to other bloggers! Let me know in a comment or you can tweet me @ CatttSays if you'd prefer. Let's chat! I hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. I've heard so many great things about the Marie Kondo book, I think I really want to read it! Also, that dress is stunning xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge