It seems like has been full of blogging events recently, and I went to yet another one last week with the lovely Ana. The last Bloggers Love Fashion Week seemed to be not too long ago. In fact it was only earlier this year that I went and enjoyed it so much I thought I'd come to it again!

London Southbank from the OXO Tower

So on Monday, I started making my way to the venue with Ana and we ended up walking all the way to the old venue for the event. I don't know what happened and when the venue was changed, but I went via the first email. It wasn't too much of a problem apart from being about an hour late to the event because it gave me and Ana some great time to catch up and walk along the ever beautiful Southbank. We ended up laughing lots, meeting weird people on the train and were even mistaken for a couple by what looked like a military man. The new venue was the OXO tower not far from the Tate Modern, with a great view of the River Thames!

GL Apps Fashion Colours @ BLFW
Applying GL Apps @ BLFW
(photo by Ana)
My Bright Emerald GL Apps!

Upon arrival at #BLFW I couldn't help but notice the bloggers getting their hair jazzed up with beautiful fashion colours by the lovely people at Great Lengths! After a watching this lovely blogger (sorry I didn't get your name!) get her hair purpled up, I ended up getting a beautiful Bright Emerald layer popped in mine and was super excited to be trying green for the first time ever. I did have to get a little more cut off when I got back home to blend it into my hair better - just so it wasn't so in your face due to work, but nevertheless it's still awesome and I'm loving it. though I can now add green to the bank of hair colours I've had! Ana, you should have got one too - you would have looked amazing with some purple, pink or silver in!

Little Ondie @ BLFW

Our next stop was the Little Ondine stand, we'd read a little about the brand before but needed to see what was going on for ourselves. See - Little Ondine do some incredible peel off nail polishes, and for a serious nail-polish-picker like me, this is my nail's new best friend. It will be my pay day treat because not only have they got some amazing colours, but it's made of only 3 safe ingredients and it would make those nail-polish-picking days so much better when you know you're not ruining your nails or leaving them chipped for the rest of the day. I also love that they do glitters because we all know how hard it is to take glitter off our nails!

Halo Hair Extensions @ BLFW
(Photo by Ana)

We then found ourselves at the Halo Hair Extensions gifting lounge, where I was actually invited to get my own halo! They were all super lovely to talk to, and I'm so glad to finally have found a hair extension I can wear without looking super silly with clips sticking out of all areas! I have blogged about the Halo already which you can see here! My haircut isn't right for it as you can see in the photo above but check out my post to see how I found a way around it and I'm loving it now!

Georgina Dee @ BLFW

I'll be honest and say I hadn't notice as many fashion brands as I expected at this season's #BLFW, but we did spot one that we were seriously loving and got speaking to the founder and designer of Georgina Dee: Georgia Dee herself! We really enjoyed speaking to Georgina about her collections and found myself loving a lot of her low-hem dresses and bright thicker winter pieces. Me and Ana both fell for the minty floral skater dress, and both being teaching assistants thought that it would make a great work-dress our children would enjoy.

True Brit @ BLFW

We also has the pleasure of meeting the people behind True Brit a new nail brand being stocked in the likes of Harrods and Selfridges! Their nail polish bottles are absolutely beautiful and perfect for displaying and the colours they provide are just as amazing! I've fallen for a few of their more metallic and pastel colours as well as the classic reds and nudes...My favourites have to be Heirloom, Lady Penelope and To The Manor Born. I'm also completely infatuated with The Contemporary Collection... ♥ I can't wait to try the two we were generously gifted on the day which were Country Tweed and Rule Brittania. Thank you!

London Southbank

There were lots of other brands that we'd met on the day including Linzi Lou's handbags and Magnitone but unfortunately didn't get round to speaking to everyone having arrived so late! We had a lovely evening although, and enjoyed watching the fashion show and meeting other bloggers at the event!
Did you attend the #BLFW?

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