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Halo Hair Extensions: Introduction & Box

I really don't talk about my hair enough on my blog - bearing in mind it's something I love playing with and changing around often - as much as I don't like to admit it. That said, I've stuck to the same hair colour for a year to the day (how about that)! And I've quite enjoyed having short hair this year, though I don't think it's here to stay. Anywayyyy....

Today I'm here talking about my amaaaaze new Halo Hair Extensions *. I haven't blogged at all about it yet but on Monday last week I was at the Blogger's Love Fashion Week with Ana and I was kindly invited to the Halo Hair Extension's gifting suite to be recieve with my very own halo! What's a halo Cat? Well I'll tell you...

Halo Hair Extensions
Halo Hair Extensions: Back View

Halo Hair Extensions * are a no tape, no glue, no clips hair extension! It is essentially a 'hairband' styled hair extension made with a very thin but strong clear thread. Here I have the Dark Brown 20" Halo. I know it's a little bit long for me at the moment but I'm not sure whether I should cut it yet or not as I may be planning to grow my hair out. I've not yet decided!

Halo Hair Extensions
Halo Hair Extensions: How ToHalo Hair Extensions: How To
Halo Hair Extensions: How To - Tadah!

How To: Applying the halo is done in a matter of minutes. Simply comb your hair, style and sit the halo over your hair where you'd like it to sit. Then take back of a comb and pull through any hair that should naturally sit above the halo and blend it in by brushing or styling it. Also Watch their 'How To' video here!

It took me a while, but after playing around I realised that I can't actually blend my current hairstyle into the halo 100% successfully. At the moment I have too much of a blunt cut so my hair sits in quite a thick line along the back, but I have to stress that it's very much about my hair cut and nothing to do with the halo in terms of blending the hair well. If you have more layered or feathered hair, it would be much easier to blend!
Feeling the perseverance, I decided I wouldn't stop until I found a way to give myself mermaid length hair with my halo. That's when I found this half up half down style! What I did was simply tie my short hair in a low loose pony with a couple of strands from the extensions at the front and create a messy knot instead of letting it hang loose. This way I could hide the short hair completely and blend the extensions in perfectly!

Halo Hair Extensions

Verdict: Overall I am so impressed with my new halo! I wore it all day on Sunday and had no problems at all. It's so light and easy to wear, and I don't feel as if it's ever pulling on my head or that I'm worrying about clips showing. The colour match was done by Halo themselves and I simply sent them a bright picture of me in natural lighting so they could match it with my true hair colour, and it really is a perfect match!
What I also love about the extensions is that they can withstand the heat of your classic GHDs and can be styled however you like. This was great news for me as I thought about a great curly style to create with my halo! All they advise is that you treat the extensions as you would your own hair including washing and heat protection.
For me the halo is perfect to glam up for those weekend days, nights out or more special occasions. I honestly absolutely love it my halo and I can't wait to wear it again. I do feel a bit gutted that I can't quite yet have an all hair down look, but I know I can style the halo a couple more ways for variety. Now I just need another excuse and wear my super long mermaid hair again!

What are your thoughts on the Halo Hair Extensions? Do you love it like I do!?

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