What Cat Wore | Grey Jeans, Brown Boots

What Cat Wore | Grey Jeans Brown BootsWhat Cat Wore | Grey Jeans Brown Boots

Right now I spend my weekends in jeans! I miss wearing them all the time, so I find myself in the comfort of jeans and a really fun tee. Today it's my My Little Pony tee which I haven't worn for literally ages. And I realised why when I found a black oil stain that won't wash off the front. But it's Sunday, so it's a relax day. I don't have to worry about the stain. It makes no difference to my day.

My Little Pony Tee
Waistcoat & Green Hair

I'm wearing this simple outfit today with my favourite new waistcoat that makes any outfit look smarter. I think it looks so good with a tee! And of course my new favourite combos: grey jeans with brown boots. Or even more so black jeans with brown boots - but my black ones are in the wash right now. I don't know what it is but the contrasting grey/black colour work well with this shade of brown. And these boots look pretty dang good with jeans! These boots are a serious favourite right now... I'm pretty sure these will be in this month's favourites!

What Cat Wore | WaistcoatWhat Cat Wore | Waistcoat
Grey Jeans Brown Boots

I'm being a boring sod again, and spending my Sunday doing asbolutely nada! I don't know about you but sometimes doing nothing is the best thing, but today I feel like doing lots and I'm not. Blogging is as far as it goes. I did have a friend come see me today that I hadn't seen in a hell of a long time! It was lovely having a catch up. It was like we'd only seen each other the other week. I love friendships like that ♥
I think I'm going to see boyfriend now though. We're not not feeling 100% so we're not sure it'll be good to see each other. We'll see!

What I'm Wearing:
Boots - Rocketdog (via USC)
Jeans - River Island
Tee - Primark
Waistcoat - Dorothy Perkins

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! xx

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Catarina! :) It's also my first top with this special neckline <3
    I think, the grey jeans goes very well with the black boots. You remind me of my wish also having a grey pair of jeans <3 I am craving for a ripped one from Topshop!


  2. I love this look! And I completely agree - we sometimes just need a break and day where we literally do nothing. x