Magnet Look Launch

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Magnet Look's soft launch in London. I didn't know too much about the company at first, but intrigued by the email, I decided to go and see what it was all about.

At the event there was tea, coffee and biscuits for refreshments, lots of time to network - where I met lots of lovely people and a speak all about the fashion industry from the opinions of a merchandiser, a business owner and a blogger. It was quite interesting and though it didn't really apply to me too much having just left the retail industry, or even much as a blogger it was an interesting speak and I took away tips I gave friends for their careers.

As for Magnet Look themselves? Magnet Look is basically a platform to find inspiration with your outfits, nails or make up looks and then shop them straight from the page. Magnet Look will take you right to the places you need to go to find it! Anyone can sign up, upload anything and link up all the products to make shopping that look effortless! It's actual quite great, and though I'm pretty bad at sticking to a new form of social media, but I know at times I'll find it great to actually shop looks myself!

All photography by Magnet Look - more on their Facebook page!

Have you ventured to the Magnet Look website yet?

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