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Great Lengths - @CatttSays Instagram - Green HairGreat Lengths - @CatttSays Instagram / Green Hair

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this awesome bright green layer popping through my hair which Great Lengths kindly put in my hair at Bloggers Love Fashion Week. I've been having lots of fun with my new hair extension, and today I want to do a little review on it and tell you more about Great Lengths!

Great Lengths - Straight Green Hair
GL Apps in Bright Emerald (113) * - Great Lengths

Great Lengths are a hair extension company that you can find in many salons all over the country. The hair is 100% human hair and where it is sourced really interested me when I was talking to the stylists and girls at the Great Lengths space! The hair comes from the temples in India where the hair is donated, meaning that it is 'ethically sourced' so you don't have to worry about where your hair extensions have come from. They're then treated and either made into pre-bonded extensions or tape in extensions just like the one I have here.
It comes in so many different colours from a huge range of fashion colours to every natural shade you can think of! (See fashion colours below!)

Great Lengths - Fashion Colours
Great Lengths - Application
Getting my GL Apps!!

So YES! My lovely 'Bright Emerald' hair is in fact two tape in extensions. I'd never tried tape in extensions before, but after trying these I would consider having them more so for added length than anything else.
The application was quick and easy and in just a few minutes I had a layer of green running between my layers! The tape in extensions sit just between two sections of your own hair and are applied in the same direction to which your hair falls for a more natural finish! Honestly - I can't even tell where they are sometimes it's so lightweight! I can easily tie my hair up  too without being able to see the extensions, so it won't make a difference at all to your usual styling routine! Treat it as you would your own hair and don't apply direct heat to the tape. A lot of people have thought I dyed my hair this colour as it's been done so well.
Great Lengths - Curly Green Hair
The tape in extension should last about 4-6 weeks and I've had mine in about 2 weeks and a half now and they haven't budged a bit. I have had a little lift from the tape and the glue has become slightly sticky, but I found that its happened due to the direct contact to heat - in this case the hot water when washing my hair. (I do like having really hot water.) It's still that perfect bright green too which means there's no worry about colour loss with fashion colours - and I'm still having lots of fun with it in terms of styling!
As I said before, I would definitely consider tape in extensions for a special occasion or a holiday, but not anywhere too hot as I think the heat doesn't works very well with the extensions. I am only going by what happened with the hot water, but I assume a hot climate and a hot head would have the same effect. All in all, it's a lot of fun to have, so even if you want just a little extra colour or something in your hair, this is a great way to do that without dyeing it! I'd recommend to a friend :)

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  1. I have the same t-shirt hehe!love the hair !i wish i could be that brave ...maybe one day. :)