5 August Faves

5 August Favourites

This month has been a busy one, and I've had so many things I liked this month but these 5 things are my most favourite of them all. I've really started to get into my autumn/winter wear and also focusing on my jewellery and nails a little more than usual too! It's strange how one month you can go from loving something lots to not the next... Isn't that weird?  Anyway... On to the favourites!

Khaki Midi Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Red Funnel Neck Top - Topshop

As I said before, I've really started getting into my autumn/winter clothing and I guess I'm just trying to prepare my wardrobe not only for the coming months, but for my new job too! I've got to be well dressed yet still comfortable so I've started buying smarter clothing but still keeping it very much my style. I'll be honest - I began to worry as I started to struggle to find things that were still very me and would be suitable for work but I realised I was pushing myself to a wardrobe I wouldn't love. I stopped and on a random lunch time shopping trip found myself in Topshop buying some lovely bits and then a week later on the Miss Selfridge website clicking add to cart on anything I loved. In Topshop I ended up buying my new favourite autumn/winter top and on the Miss Selfridge website my new favourite skirt.
This top is absolutely gorgeous on and though the length could do with being just a tad longer bearing in mind my ridiculously short body, I still love it lots. It's great tucking into skirts or wearing with high waisted jeans and the high neck isn't suffocating. I love the look of a high neck, but anything longer than this one makes me feel claustrophobic and looks silly on me anyway. It's such a beautiful rich burgundy too. I showcased this in an outfit not that long ago too - check it out here!
As for my skirt... It's probably what I'm most obsessed with this month. When it arrived I wasn't quite sure I loved it, but after trying it on with a few tops I started really liking it. The style is so different, but it's so smart and can be easily made casual. I wore it out to the Magnet Look event a few weeks back and that was the day I found out it was my new favourite - I blogged the outfit here too! I felt great in it, and you know you've got a wardrobe staple when it makes you feel awesome - and this skirt does! I can't wait to style it here again.

Adorning Ava Necklace & Henley Watch

My next set of favourites is these two beautiful jewellery pieces. First up we have my gorgeous green and pink Adorning Ava necklace I bought in a flash sale a few months ago. I love rediscovering pieces in my wardrobe, even if they're not that old, but this one has made an appearance quite a few times this week. I have quite a few outfits and tops it sits well with so it's definitely had the love this month. I love Adorning Ava's jewellery collection too - it's very me with the statement colours and shapes. I need to make another little cheeky purchase for some more of these embellished beauts!
Second here, we have a gift from my parents when they came back from Cyprus. They always bring me something back, whether it's something as small as a keyring or sometimes even a perfume! This time, they bought me this gorgeous bracelet watch from Henley. My mum knows I've been loving my watches this year so it was lovely to get another one to add to my quickly growing collection of watches! This one's better for dressing up too thanks to the beautiful beading and embellished rim, though I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it.

Wah London Press On Nails

Last but not least for August's favourites I have a nail brand rather than a particular favourite set of nails. Getting my lunch in Boots at the start of the month I ventured into the beauty departments and found a bunch of these Wah London press on nails on Clearance! I was so ridiculously excited because of how cheap they were that I ended up buying one of each set that were on clearance - which was 4. I've already worn two sets and in fact blogged about the first set because I loved them so much! As I said in that post, I wouldn't wear them as press on nails because the length won't allow them to stay on with much strength - but a little nail glue and these babies stayed on solid for over a week! Honestly - converted to Wah London nails for falsies!

So those were this month's favourites but I just wanted to share a little thought before I end this post:
When I was picking out what my favourites for this month were, I was easy to pick out a bunch of stuff I'd been using this month that I could say were my August "favourites". But upon reflection, I noticed that though I really liked these things this month, used them a lot and enjoyed them, I had favourites within the things I picked as favourites. It made total sense to like a few bits more than the rest, and it's when I realised the term 'favourite' has been used too loosely within blogger's monthly favourites. I'm no exception to this, but it seems favourite videos and posts are getting longer and I don't think it's possible to have like 10-20 favourite things in one month. I want to narrow down on actual favourites, so I decided that now from the things I enjoy each month, I will pick no more than 5 actual favourites to feature. I think not only this will work better for me to determine real favourites, but I like being specific and it makes for a better blog post I think. What are your thoughts on the monthly favourites issue?


  1. I absolutely love that skirt! The colour of that and the red top are so nice, perfect Autumn colours! Lovely meeting you on Saturday, hopefully see you again soon! xx