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Botanics Cushion Brush - Boots

So when I went to Portugal, I left my standard Primark hairbrush out there thinking it was my cousin's since we have the same brush. I came back to having no hairbrush and thought it was time to invest in one that wasn't a standard pound from Primark. I settled for the Botanics Cushion Brush, and winning points for me were the multi-purpose use, and bristle properties that meant it would 'promote a healthy looking shine'.

I'd like to mention I'm not an everyday hair brusher because of my curly hair and frizz problem which means I'll instantly get static or puffy hair no matter what. I mostly brush my hair when it's wet, straight or when I'm tying it up. The brush is a typical cushion brush, with soft natural bristles coating each larger bristle to massage the scalp, and because they are natural bristles it also helps remove excess hair oils, product and add a shine to hair.

From first impressions, and many uses after, I've found that I prefer this brush for tying my hair up mostly, and for straight hair days. I find it's hard to brush through when it's wet and end up looking for my comb instead. I think with my long and easily tangled hair it's hard to brush through, and I find it doesn't de-tangle as easy as I'd hoped. Brushing when curly is always a no no for me, so I haven't tried brushing it then, so I can't say anything about that I'm afraid.
As for good points, I find it makes my hair look great tied up! My up do's look so much tidier, sleek and my hair also looks shinier when I've tied it up with the help of my brush. It's also great for backcombing too, so I can create a better quiff than before! As for brushing when dry and straight, I find it does tend to cause a little static, but I think that's a factor of all brushing of hair. It leaves a lovely shiny finish and makes my hair feel smooth and sleek. It also feels great on the scalp, so it's a mini-massage whilst your brushing!
I do love this brush, but only for straight hair days and up dos. I'll have to buy another brush for when my hair is wet, which is when I brush it the most. I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be and think for my type of hair it's too delicate maybe? Is there such a thing? I'll have to buy a tougher brush and I probably will invest in a Tangle Teezer too....

What brushes do you recommend for curly, easily tangled and normal hair?
Have you tried the Botanics Hair Brushes yet?


  1. I want to try this it looks great! xx

    1. It is good! I think more suited to thin hair but I still love it. Makes my hair soft and shiny :) XO