What Cat Wore: Neon Check

Jumper - F&F Tesco
Trousers - Topshop
Flatforms - Primark

Today I thought I'd share my Sunday outfit! Since I got these trousers I've been trying to wear them as often as I can. I just love them! They go with everything, and I've found more casual ways to wear them than smart, which although as odd as it may seem, I like because there's more ways I can wear them more often. I love the monochrome check print, and it was either these or tartan ones. But after trying on a pair of tartan ones whilst out shopping yesterday I'm glad I didn't hold out buying these because it seems I don't suit the bright red tartan print trousers. Boo. Or maybe it was just the ones from Primark I didn't like... Hmmm....
I decided to go bold and team up my cigarette fit trousers with my bargain neon jumper from the F&F sale last year. I love this thing, as it makes any black and white outfit look awesome and comfortable with it's fluorescent colour and loose fit!
And of course, since I got my flatforms back from the shoe repair place where they fitted me some ankle straps, I wore those. Since getting the new ankle straps, they've been so much more comfortable and I love wearing them out with so many outfits! Unfortunately they didn't come with ankle straps because apparently someone went to Primark and took them off all the shoes (sarcasm there). I went back to get some but apparently there weren't any and I know they came with them in the first place because I exchanged a faulty pair for my new ones! Should I complain about this? Either way, the only downside to these babies, are that the front wears away in a couple of wears, but once it's worn as far as it will it's fine and it's not even that much really. You also may have realised I've got the straps a bit wonky in the picture... That's a bit of a #bloggerfail, there. Whoops!

These trousers though. New favourite wardrobe staple piece!

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