What Cat Wore: Colour Blocks & Pink.

Top - Primark
Cardigan - F&F
Socks - Topshop (link to white trim socks)
Flatforms - Primark

Today I was lucky enough to get out of the bold and black uniform and get a little dressed up for a meeting at another Miss Selfridge store. I was so excited to go somewhere different for the day, and to be in my own clothes which although sounds a little strange, is not really when you wear black all day 5 days a week. But I felt so comfortable today walking around in a splash of colour!
Although I should have been wearing an entire Miss Selfridge outfit, as it was a Miss Selfridge store visit, I kind of didn't want to spend any money just to get something to wear for today, so I settled for the colours of a current Miss Selfridge trend: The Collective which is the "A-Z styling essentials", and is simply a collection of wardrobe staple pieces. Currently consisting of black, whites, greys and pinks I decided to go for all those colours in an outfit wearing at least one Miss Selfridge item from the collection... my Leather Effect Skater Skirt which I adore. I can't wait to style this with jumpers closer to the winter.
Adding a girly touch to this look, I added an eyelash knit cardigan which I can only describe as adorable and pure comfort. And lastly some frilly socks with my flatforms, as I can't just do the edgy statement look. 'm too girly to pull it off... But maybe once in a while!
I did also realise that I completely avoided print. I kept looking at the photos wondering why I felt my look was missing something and then I realised that a bold print was it. I don't know how I did that, since I love my prints, but I guess I was just thinking more about being well dressed and in trend colours. But sometimes a printless day is nice to tone it down now and then.

I have moved out of this outfit for today and swapped the skirt for jogging bottoms, and the cardigan for a fleeced robe as from now it's a comfy evening in. I could do with one, since I'm not good with early mornings. For me it's now: tea, TV, blogs and cuddles with the boyfriend!

CAT xo


  1. I love the skirt x

    1. Thank You :) It's one of my favourites XO

  2. Love your skirt, it's so nice! :)


  3. That skirt is so nice! xx


    1. Thank you, everyone seems to love my skirt! Hehe! XO