What Cat Wore: LRD

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - F&F Tesco
Hair Band - Primark

Sometimes I like having a quiet day, and by that I mean I sometimes like wearing something that's dialled down quite a bit for me. Something comfortable and easy, even if it may be a bright red like this. This is my idea of a quiet outfit. Minimal print, hair up, and a comfy cardigan thrown over for a day where fashion doesn't matter too much. I like having one of these every once in a while and yesterday was a day for this.
I bought this easy LRD (Little Red Dress) in Primark for a mere £5er. I thought this would be perfect for days like this and to layer up with scarves, and jumpers. Plus, a red dress that I didn't have before.
The cardigan making a third appearance in a row (I must stop wearing it) and my newest hair accessory, a rose hair band to make any top knot in any style look cute and stylish.

I think this may be my quiet lazy go-to outfit now. What do you like to wear on a quiet and lazy day?

Oh, and apologies for the grumpy face. I wasn't grumpy at all...It's just like I'd forgotten how to smile!


  1. Such a lovely red dress, so vibrant and perfect for all seasons! I always throw on an over-sized t-shirt and leggings/jeggings on a lazy day. Comfort over anything for me!


    1. Thank you! I usually do that, like today! But a day I won't go out is like this :) XO

  2. Defiantly think I will have to rush into my local primark to find out if they have this dress- it's lovely in its simplicity! :)

    1. It's so pretty and they do lots of prints and colours all at a fiver! XO

  3. That dress is awesome, I have a similar one in grey and it's AMAZING, it's just about the most comfortable thing ever, you can dress it up with anything!
    Love your blog and your name- I wish I was called cat, haha!
    I followed you c: x

    1. It is isn't it just? I love dresses like these.... SO versatile!

      Haha, Cat's just my nickname :) My full name is Catarina.
      Thanks for following hun! :)


  4. Lazy day outfit? I'd have to say trackies & an old top or even pjs if I'm not leaving the house!

    Otherwise, leggings & a long top, or skater dress. :)

    Love the colour of this babe, you look stunning xx

    1. Ohhhh I like that for a day in bed! That would be a good shout!

      Thanks for your lovely comment! :) XO