Rimmel Apocalips, 1, 2, 3!

I was almost a very naughty blogger and nearly forgot about the #blogyoursocksoffseptember challenge set by Jess who blogs at Lovely Jubbly! I love the tag, and find it really inspiring how many people are taking part, and attempting to blog everyday! It's making me excited to do it too, and it may also put my back logged post ideas back on track!

So today I'm sharing my views on the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers! I've had these photos since before my holiday to Portugal so I've just been a very lazy one. And I don't have my red one anymore since I gave it to my cousin in a mini beauty swap for her Bioderma Crealine H2O!

Rimmel Apocalips - Boots
Top - Bottom: Apocaliptic, Nude Eclipse, Big Bang

When these babies first came out I wasn't too sure on them since I don't like lip glosses or liquid based lip products, but so many people raved about it and said they're not like that, that I had to try it. At the time I was looking for a nude so I purchased Nude Eclipse. I was so impressed with it, I then went back a month or so later and bought both Apocaliptic and Big Bang, on a 2 for £10 deal at Boots.

On first impressions, I was most impressed by the application. The wand is really easy to use and has a small dip in the bud (which I forgot to photograph to show :( sorry!) that holds extra product for a more consistent application without having to dip in again. I also found that the product itself had a lovely opaque finish, achieving a full colour which also lasts a long time! I find that I've still got a full colour coverage after a few hours wear, and there's not much need of a top up. Though it is nice to sometimes ;) They also feel really lightweight on your lips, and by that I mean you don't feel like you've caked it on or you have a lot of product which I also like too.
It feels more like a lipstick would too, which is my personal bonus. I've not been friends with lip glosses and liquid based lip products because of the fact I don't like their sticky or wet feel and glossy finish. I'm more of a matt or satin finish kind of girl. But this didn't feel sticky or wet on my lips as much as I thought, which I was super happy about, because it's more comfortable and wearable for me. So if you're a lipstick girl like me then this could be perfect for you too!

I think out of the three my favourite is Big Bang and I know my cousin loved it too, so I gave it to her since I can just go buy a new one whenever and she can't. But I do wear the other two quite often, more Apocaliptic now since it's still warm, but I think I'll be using Nude Eclipse a little more later on as I find it's more a winter colour.
These are definitely great products, and worth the money! They last long and though the price is a little over what I like to pay being a budget girl and all, I am going to go re-purchase Big Bang and if it's on a deal I may get Galaxy or Luna next with it since I love them so much!

Have you tried the Apocalips Lip Laquers yet?
What's your thoughts on them and your favourite colour!?

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