Real Techniques Core Collection

In a review of the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set last month, I mentioned I got these beauts on a buy one get one half price deal and on top of that bought these with my points! Since then, I haven't been applying make-up without the help of my new beautiful brushes, and I today I'm here sharing my Core Collection brushes with you, and what I think of them.

 Core Collection Brushes - Boots

The Real Techniques Core Collection set comes with four brushes. From left to right: the countour brush, the pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush and the buffing brush. I've used all of these, and I've come to find my favourite, and I don't think many of you will be surprised to find it's the buffing brush.

And here is why... The buffing brush is just perfect for powder and if you like, foundation application. I find myself using all the brushes, but the buffing brush completes the flawless look by evening out foundation, powder and leaving a perfect and even finish to your look! I use this to even out my foundation after application or to apply powder afterwards. I've never ended up with anything less than a flawless even finish!

I've heard a lot of people don't use the pointed foundation brush, but it's how I apply my foundation. I've always found with other brushes that the brush absorbs so much of your foundation, you end up with half the product disappearing into your brush but with this one it doesn't do that at all, and applies all product on the brush to your skin as you'd like. I do find that with this brush you achieve a streaky look once you've finished applying and this isn't what you'd like if you're not going to apply powder on top, and that it feels like your painting your face sometimes rather than applyign make-up but I do like using this brush as I find you can apply your foundation so easily. And I do like it, but it's always good to go over with the buffing brush when you've finished. It also saves all the liquid foundation over your buffing brush too!

I also like the contour brush! I didn't have anything to contour before and I was competely rubbish at it, but after watching a few video tutorials on how to contour properly and where I got the hang of it and think I'm alright at it now. I find it really easy to use and it doesn't apply too much product at once thanks to it's more spherical brush shape, so this is perfect for anywhere from your cheekbones to your nose.

Lastly we have the detailer brush, which can either be used for lip products or concealer. I've used this to apply lip products in my case as I already have a brush I use for concealer. I don't find I use it half as much as I'd like but it is great for applying a nice thin layer of lipstick or lip products that sit in palettes! I think if I had more of those I'd have more use out of it, but I honestly only ever use it when I don't want to have such a vivid colour on my lips or want a softer more natural look, which it achieves very successfully.

I honestly didn't have a clue what all the fuss was about until I got them. They've changed the way I think about and use make-up and I honestly love them to pieces. I keep looking at all the other sets I'd like and I'm not too sure which ones to get next or if there is a different brand of brushes that are really good. Would you recommend me some #bbloggers!?


  1. I use their Starter Eye Kit and I have the limited edition one and I love it! :)

    1. I've got that one too and I may have to get some more since everyone raves about them :) XO