Visiting Whipsnade Zoo

So last weekend it was my uncle's birthday, and he'd never been to the zoo before. So for his birthday present I took him to Whipsnade to gain the full experience of being at the zoo. The weather was perfect, though a little windy by the look out café at the top of the hill, but it's exactly what you'd expect. There I fell in love with penguins again, a zebra who stood pretty close to the fencing, lemurs which made me giggle and a pretty welsh mountain horse that got jealous of a bunny!
I took a few snaps and thought it would be nice to share them.... Enjoy!
Ahhhhhhhh! LMFAO! Sitting like a person :) 

Zebra close-up!!! 

The lovely horse ♥

I hope my uncle had as much of a good time as I did! It was a lovely family day out as well as a present and it was lovely that all the "kids" tagged along with. I miss doing family things, so I was happy that this happened and we had a perfect day out.
I love the zoo. I've been to three this year already! And Edinburgh is by far my favourite. The views from the hill tops are amazing, the park is hugeeee and there are so many more animals too! I definitely want to go back one day... I really want to see the baby Panda if Tian Tian is really pregnant! But I don't think that I will, since it's a long way to go just to see a baby panda... Maybe! I loved Edinburgh so there may be a round two.

What's your favourite zoo that you've been to?


  1. Edinburgh is my favorite too!! I really want to get down and see the pandas!! :D

    1. You should they're so cute and worth it all! XO

  2. We're taking Jack to Whipsnade soon!x

    1. Aww! you'll love it, and so will he! It's massive so it's probably the best one around London! XO