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EOS Lip Balm in Tangerine - My Natural Market

As we all know Miley Cyrus was supported by the lovely people at EOS in her We Can't Stop video, where she advertises the use of her EOS lip balms. I'd heard about these before and how good they were and the video triggered the memory so I went off and bought one. I'd like to say it wasn't because of the Miley video but I can't lie... And I love the song! Anyway, back to the lip balm...
The lip balm comes in the most amazing packaging. It comes in a sphere in the colour coordinating to the flavour, that twists to reveal the dome shaped product inside. The reason I love this so much is because it makes it so much easier to apply as you don't have to dip a finger in or break the bullet in half, and a bonus is you won't lose half the product in just applying it. It also helps hygiene issues as you don't have to touch it with anything but your lips meaning bacteria won't transfer from your hands and you'll always have a clean application. It's also very travel friendly being so easy to pop in your bag, find and use with it's unique shape and soft outer casing.
As for the product itself: It's a great product giving a consistent coverage and a decent amount of moisture to the lips as well as tasting great. I'm a fussy one with lip balms and either find most of them too slippery, thick or even oily at times, but this one applies a perfect consistency, with no mess! I also love the taste of this... Imagine the orange flavoured Starburst. Exactly like that.
I've used this for about 3 weeks now, and I've seen it looks like I've barely used any at all, so it's value for money on the amount of product you get and how long it lasts. I've definitely noticed a difference in my lips being a lot softer and moisturised. I suffer with dry lips and am terrible with applying lip balm, but using this has helped this problem, as I find myself wanting to apply it rather than feeling the need to and it's formula is perfect for me as it suits the texture and consistency I prefer and want in a lip balm.
AND a little budget bargainsta bonus! I searched everywhere for the cheapest place to find these and you can find them on My Natural Market, they have a decent shipping price to the UK and stock lots of flavours. Here they tell you which products are Gulten and Paraben Free and which ones are Organic too, just in case your fussy with what's in your lip products! I'm debating getting a couple more I like these so much. Possibly Strawberry and Lemon Drop.
Have you tried the EOS lip balm yet? Which one would you get?

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