What Cat Wore: Laced Up

I wear:
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Miss Selfirdge
He wears:
T-Shirt - Supremebeing via USC

DAYUM. It's hot today isn't it? The ONLY reason I'm complaining is because I've been in the car most of the afternoon driving. All for good reason since the boyfriend just bought the sexiest car everrrrrr.
So this is one of the outfits I wore on holiday! I wore this out to Hobo's Steak House at Larnaca's Beach Front, it was a lovely meal and in fact probably our best night out, since the food was amazing and half way into our holiday, we were at our peak of being relaxed and in the holiday spirit.
I think this was probably my most favourite outfit of them all. I'd bought this dress from Miss Selfridge, along with the shoes on their 20% off the sale price event a few months ago, and I got a cheeky staff discount on top so these ended up being super-cheap. I love that it's a lovely creamy white colour, it's simple, loose and not something I'd usually go for since it's not sintched in at the waist (I think that's the right word) but I really love it and is one of my new favourite dresses! It's got a cute girly double layer at the bottom and for a petite dress I found this quite long on me! I wore it with my lovely Victoriana Albert boots which I'd eyed up since it turned up on the delivery one week, and when they dropped in the sale they had to be mine. I wore it with the boyfriend's 'Del Boy' chain, and voila!

What's the last thing you bought out of your usual style but you loved?

CAT xo
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