What Cat Wore: Heatwave Fashion

Top - H&M
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - Primark

Is this a heatwave? It feels like one!!! I've got to the extreme to make sure I'm spending as much time as humanly possible to stay out in the sun today. I've even got my battery-less laptop plugged into an extension and I'm sitting outside, also with my big bottle of water, a copy of Marie Claire my aunt left here and a notebook for holiday planning. I love the sun, and feel so happy and comfortable in it. It's my most favourite season ever. I wish England although was placed closer to the equator so that days like this wouldn't be so rare.
Today has already been so so busy! I spent 3 and a half hours painting little kids faces at my little brother and sister's summer fate, for most of the time by myself with a queue farther than I could see. I was even the last stall to close! The fate was a raging success, with a successful turnout, barbecue, and the best stalls. In some way I wish I wasn't face painting so I could enjoy it. I did although enjoy a small cuddle with a Shetland *Hehe*
I decided to wear the smallest clothes that would be respectable enough to sit in a fate painting faces in. I settled for these shorts (that my mum was also wearing! fashion clash!) from Dorothy Perkins, as they're high-waisted and not at all showing anything inappropriate, and I also wore my string swing cami I bought in the H&M sale last year. I loved this outfit, I felt so cool in it and with my top straps being so small, I caught a little sun on my arms, shoulders and back! Enough to feel already pre-tanned for Cyprus in 4 days. I had a fun day, but I have to say I am pretty tired... I don't fancy doing anything else.

Now I'm excited for tomorrow's Bloggers Meet! I hope it's sunny again for it!
Have you done anything nice today?
Share it with me in the comments below :)

CAT xo
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  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the top!
    Fashion Ganache.