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Looking more tanned than I could imagine, I'm back from a lovely relaxing holiday to Cyprus with my man John. I thought it would be nice to share some pictures so there will be quite a few since we had the loveliest time! I wasn't as snappy happy this year. We were so relaxed and happy just chilling in the house, on the beach and adventuring together, that we didn't think about capturing those memories in pictures. But thus we caught a few good ones, and that's all you need :)
So here is my holiday, categorised for easy reading and looking, from our adventures, food, sightings and clothes! 

We went for a lovely long week, and we stayed at my parent's house that they have out there that they kindly lent to us for the week. It was lovely to have a place to call our own and with the air con it was lovely after days at the beach. We hired a car for our week out there and got a lovely little Corsa that we spent a lot of time adventuring in.
Most days we were sitting on the beach and sitting at bars or restaurants relaxing. We took a day trip to Ayia Napa and didn't really like the scene for the type of holiday we were going for, so we drove on and found Cavo Greko, not far from Ayia Napa's main area where there were pretty cliffs with caves. There were a few people visiting the sights, and we'd walked a little while along the cliff coast and found a nice secluded area that we sat in for a bit just laying down, relaxing and listening to the waves below.

Food is a big thing on holiday. And we ate a lot of it! I am a dessert girl at heart, and of course, ended up taking more photos of our desserts than our dinners! It was too dark most of the time for dinner photos anyway, and I don't think a flash was appropriate at the best of times. We ate somewhere different every day. Bennigan's, Hobo's and Haagen Dazs was amongst the favourites, Hobo's the favourite for the boyfriend as he loved their famous steak dinners. Haagen Dazs for me, for their over sickly amazing desserts.
Breakfasts were at home, we went through 3 loaves of bread eating toast every morning, and with a bakery and supermarket not more than 3 minutes away we had varied it with doughnuts, eggs and bacon.
I also had a favourite cat. Cyprus has probably got about 2 cats to each restaurant and this one pictured above loved me, and was the sweetest cat, though begging for a bit of my burger. And I thought he was the cutest of them all.

Me and John are sightseers and love a good castle. We visited Larnaca's small castle, and though not very impressed by it's history was a good pace to take pretty photos. It had pretty flowers and trees inside, a lovely rooftop for looking at the view. It wasn't the best but it was a small €1.70 a person to go in and have a look, so it was something to do!

We saw a few street art pieces. Most of which I saw passing by in the car, so stopping to take a photo would be silly, but I did see a few shopping and these two were my favourites. Obvious Banksy inspired pieces, but I still liked them as I did some similar art myself for my Fine Art degree.

I wore a lot of new clothes, and although I didn't photo all of them, I will do outfit posts on the ones I did and I'll probably wear them again a similar way. The same was for John, he wore a week's worth of cool new T-shirts including one with a squirrel on, the Tasmanian Devil and some with provocative ladies! Some things I never thought I'd see him wear!

It was in all one of our most loveliest relaxing holidays. Being away from responsibility and reality and being away from time limits was an amazing feeling. Also having a house on our own was nice too, because we could do as we pleased without worry. It felt like a long week too, rather than one of those short ones.
We both wish we could go back for a little longer but we still have Portugal to look forward to now, so it's not all clouds and rain. I can't wait to be away with him again, because me and my bunny lad always have a great time! (holiday joke)

Portugal in 2 weeks!
Have you been or have a holiday to look forward to?

CAT xo
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  1. Looks like you had a great time :) which part of Cyprus did you go to? My family has a house over there too! So get what you mean about the restaurant cats, my favourite one is at a cafe at Kurion beach! x