Summer Nails: Tropical Ombré!

By the time this post is up, I will be sitting in the sunny island of Cyprus probably sitting on the beach with my boyfriend, eating greek food and splashing around in the warm sea.
Instead of going out and getting my nails done this year, I decided to use my much neglected nail gel kit I hadn't used in over a year and to be honest, bearing in mind the amount of time I hadn't used it and still being an ammature I think I did a good job. I haven't had one fall off yet, thus I am taking emergency nail glue to fix any up if it happens! I made them shorter this time, because I figured if they are shorter, they'd be least likely to break too. And I can use my hands more naturally rather than feeling like my nails are in the way every 5 minutes. 

I am in love with this design, with inspiration taken from all sorts of ombre and summer nail tutorials on youtube, I decided to go for a tropical-like ombre with my favourite nail colours. I did try and see how well they worked together first, and as I sponged the design onto my nails I fell in love with the colour blends instantly.

I used: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Prickly Pear, next to W7 Florescent Pink, followed by Barry m Gelly Hi Shine in Mango and finally Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green.

I figured the palest would look best on the top leaving a brightness in between and a nice sharp colour finishing at the tips! I loved creating this design and am totally in awe for the sponging technique to create the perfect ombre! I finally added a few little blue floral gems on the ring fingers for accents, and the contrast in colour really works for a cute Tropical/Hawaiian nail design. I'll be happy wearing this for the next week whilst I'm away.

Probably my best nail art yet!
What colours would you ombre as an alternative?


  1. I love this! I've tried ombre before but it really didn't go too well aha! xx

  2. This looks really good! love that you added little gems too! xo