What I Took On Holiday...

 So, I thought I would show you a few of the things I've taken away with me. In fact, I think I picked most of my newest and most favourite things to show you, as I can't show you everything! Of course, I am a bright person with a love for prints and white recently and these are the few I picked to show and tell!

My most favourite thing I've got in my pile of pretty thing to take away is probably something I won't wear for very long I'm thinking which is the Mickey Mouse crop top! Just because it's my newest item, and I love it, I think it's so different, and and I figured this black and white one with go with so much more than the coloured one from Primark. I've also got my Féline Meow Tee which I would have worn on the plane from Misbehave Boutique! (It's so hard writing in past tense when it hasn't happened yet!) I've got a couple of buys from the Blogger's Meet too including the small Cath Kidston purse I will be holding my Euros in! I figured it would be the perfect size, and it is! And also my knot wrap I'm sure I'll be wearing lots on the beach.
Of course, a new bikini, shorts, some hair accessories, etcetera in the mix, along with my probably second favourite the soft crochet waistcoat I'll be layering over my day looks for some style! Watch out of lots of outfit posts!

I would write some more about the things I picked here but I would just be making this the longest post ever.  I'll leave it as short and sweet as I can!
I hope I haven't stole all of the sun with me to Cyprus and the weather isn't too bad in Britain! I'm probably roasting myself on a beach, or sitting in a restaurant drinking mocktails and eating all sorts right now...

What's your favourite thing in my pile of pretty things I've taken away with me?

CAT xo
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