What Cat Wore: Aztec Harems

Harems - Borehamwood Market
Crop Tee - Miss Selfridge
Flatforms - Primark
Necklace - Queens

Though the weather has fluctuated from dry heat waves to 10 minute monsoons, I'm still keeping my summer wardrobe out! I wore this out Sunday shopping with my uncle (again) and then to my boyfriend's for dinner and chilling. Technically I didn't wear the shoes shopping because I'd bought them that day and got so excited, I took my outfit posts, post to shopping wearing them. I'd been looking for a pair of flatforms just like these for months at a price I wouldn't mind paying, so I was ridiculously excited when for just £12, it felt more like a steal!

I'd got the harems the day before after I got jealous of my mums ones. She bought them Tuesday from the same stall, but in a different colour. And at a bargain price of a fiver, I wasn't going to pass them by! (Though my boyfriend kept calling me Aladdin in them.) I wore it with a simple black crop top as they are quite high waisted, and threw on my big dolly necklace given to me by my cousins who've got a cute accessory boutique in Portugal. It was weird, because I never thought I would ever wear a crop top, I didn't think I'd ever be brave enough to do so, or think I would ever know how to even wear it right, and now I love them. I know, I'm a little late on the bandwagon.
I loved this look and can't wait to wear it again... I'm a big fan of comfort and style all at once. It's the best, and makes you feel super confident and happy!

How would you style these harems to suit you? :)


  1. Oooh your trousers are so cute, love the print! xo


  2. These look super comfy, I love the print too! I'm also not quite ready to give up my summer wardrobe quite yet, but these mini monsoons as you say are ridiculous!

    The Little Things

    1. They are aswell! So big and baggy :)
      I don't think I'll give it up until I need a jumper rather than a thin cardi at work!


  3. I love flatforms, its nice to have the extra height! (Not that I need much more!) xxx

    1. I know, they're amazing! But I have to take them back :( They're falling apart after two days wear and they're not even worn on the bottom! XO