What Cat Wore: Zara Skort Dupe!

Vest - Primark
Skort - eBay 
'Barely There' Heels - Primark
Necklace - DIY

I was so happy to have the Zara duped skort I ordered on eBay arrive almost a week before the day it was due to arrive. I'd bought the skort as soon as I saw the white one was back in stock on the cheapest and most popular stockist's listings a few weeks before, and couldn't believe it when it had arrived early! It meant that I could take it away with me on to both my holidays, and with it fitting like an absolute glove, I was super excited to wear it. I'd heard a lot of blogger's hype on the Zara skort and loved it since I'd first seen it, and so me being the bargainista that I am eBayed for a dupe, and at £3.99 I wasn't going to complain. I was even more impressed with the quality when it arrived and is completely worth it! I may have to get a black one too now...
I wore it with a graphic vest from Primark that I thought would look lovely tucked in and being limited on shoe choice settled for my barely there styled heels from Primark. They were a bit colourful for this outfit, but actually looked alright, adding a little pop colour on my feet!
I wore this for our last night out in Cyprus, and we ate traditional greek dishes and settled for a Haagen Dasz dessert in the Haagen Dasz restaurant. We almost fell to pieces after stuffing our stomachs to the brim with ice-cream and all sorts of toppings, and was in pure shock when the boyfriend couldn't finish his. So sickly, but so amazing too.

Have you fallen for the Zara skort hype!?
How do you wear yours!????


  1. Love this look, Can't believe i haven't bought the skort yet! xo


    1. Thanks :) You should! The link gives you a bargain eBay seller! XO

  2. I love these skorts! Nice outfit. :D


  3. Thats a dupe? Wow, it looks like the realy deal. Definatly going to head over now xx

    1. Yeah, it's a dupe! I love them, definitely worth the money, even if they were the real deal! XO

  4. Love it! What size did you order it in? x

  5. In love with your shoes!