What's In My Holiday Essentials Bag:

YES! Finally, it's official! I'm off work for two weeks and off on holiday Wednesday to the sunny Cyprus for a week! We've booked and bought everything we need, from a car for exploring to Euros to play with! Of course, all the most important things are done, but now all that's left to do is pack the bags! I love packing my bags, because it's the excitement that it's so close that does it for me! I still have to see what I have got and if I have to shop for anything, but I've already decided on my beauty products... Or in this case, essentials that I will be taking with me. I've decided to not take as much as I can this year, but the bare minimum that I'd be happy with. And I thought I could share them with you today!

Of course, make up bag separate to skin-care bag. A girl's bare minimum only goes so far! Seeing this and the next photo, I've realised I forgot make-up remover, but that of course will be coming with me. I'll probably end up reading this post also, just to check-list this part of the packing process!
I'm probably only taking my most favourite products. I bought a BB cream to replace foundation for evening make-up wear, but I'm starting to think I should of bought a tinted moisturiser instead. I'm not too sure what the difference is because they had the same sort of description, but I probably will stop wearing this by day two and go bare, as I'll be tanned enough to by then, and it'll probably be too light. Of course, a eye-shadow palette of some sort for eye make-up, brushes, choices of eye-liner, mascara, cheek products and lipsticks. I don't need much else and I'm pretty happy with just this. If I had to take just one thing though, it would be the Nivea Pearly Shine just so I could have pretty kissable and protected lips at all times!

In my skin-care bag nothing is outstanding compared to everyone else's holiday essentials. Sun spray, after sun, obviously. And of course us girls need some decent shampoo and conditioner for our locks, and what better than the Aussie Beach Mates. They sound perfect, describe the condition it's going to be in and probably do the job like the rest of their range. I can't wait to try them. I'll also be taking heat-protect as I'll be taking straighteners with me for evening hair styling, and just for day-to-day care as my hair will be taking the heat a lot over the week from the sun. Other than that a facial exfoliator, the forgotten make-up remover and a moisturiser too. Of course, on top of all that soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and a hairbrush will be taken, but they're just general essentials. Obvious ones! And with having a shop round the corner from my parent's holiday home we will be staying in we could potentially just buy these things from there rather than over-pack on these things. Simples!

I don't think there would be anything else I needed but if I missed something out: Let me know!!! Haha!
Is there anything different you'd take with you for your holiday essentials?
Share them in the comments!

CAT xo
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