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 It's no secret that I love stationery. It's one of my favourite things to buy and even more so because it's something that I use every single day without fail. Put my name on it, and I love it even more.

About a week ago, I received one of Old English Co's new personalised notebooks to review and I already adore it. What is it about putting your name on something that makes it so special? I thought, I did a little google and found out...

Notebook with pink pens and an iPhone

When I googled why we love personalising things so much, I ended up deep-diving into the world of personalisation psychology. There was so much to read about the psychology behind personalisation but when it comes to personalising objects, it allows us to feel emotionally connected to them and reflect positively towards them. If we've received them as gifts it also forms positive memories and emotions between the gift giver and receiver.

Personalised products are also special because you know that that product has been made especially for you. It can only be yours and no one else's. You can pick up any notebook, pencil or pen and love it, but when your name is embossed, foiled or printed on it, you cherish and appreciate it so much more - something Old English Co. have taken into account with their new personalised notebook range.

Personalised notebook with pink pens and an iPhone 11.

Old English Co has a lovely range of foiled notebooks which can be bought in four colours: pink, grey, white and black. They have some of the loveliest inspirational quotes on their notebooks, but if that isn't your thing, they also have some simple designs like a rainbow, star or heart which can also be personalised. 

I decided to go for this blush pink and gold foiled notebook with the quote "you can and you will" on the cover. I love motivational quotes and since I knew I'd be using this notebook for ideas and mind-mapping, I wanted a quote that would remind me that the contents of this notebook could help me progress in my blog and small business. (And would remind me all my DIY and home decor ideas that I want to do!)
I've been using this notebook for the last week or so and it's done me well so far. It often sits on my bedside ready for my late-night ideas, but it also comes with me to the kitchen, living room or office just in case an idea sparks that I need to write down. So far, I'm really impressed with the notebook's quality. The cover is soft to the touch which feels and the foiling is pretty much perfect if you ask me. I do wish I'd asked for my name all in capitals though. (Keep that in mind if you're deciding to personalise one as I think the notebooks look better with all-capital lettering.) I also really love that this paperback notebook has a groove close to the spine so that you can fold and open up the notebook without bending that beautiful cover and damaging it.

Notebook opened up to lined pages with pink pens

The paper inside is also fantastic quality. It's quite thick, soft and ridiculously nice to write on! Notebook lovers will know how important it is to have nice-quality paper to write on. I've written in it with both felt tip and biro and they both felt so lovely and smooth to write on it with. The felt tip didn't leak through to the back of the page too which is a great sign of good quality paper in a notebook.

Overall, I think this is a stunning personalised notebook that would be a fantastic gift for yourself or for a loved one. I think their range of personalised notebooks allows people to use these for so many different things whether it's to jot down ideas, for work notes or journaling. I also think they've got a lovely selection of colours too. I would like to see them maybe make notebooks in more colours in the future, but mainly because I'd absolutely love a mint one for Cece Designs if they did it so that I could match it to my brand colours!

These notebooks retail for £12.95 which in the personalised notebook world, is a great price considering the quality of this product. You can easily find personalised notebooks for a lot more than that but looking around online, this is definitely on the cheaper side of personalised notebooks.

If you're looking for a personalised notebook, I'd definitely recommend getting one from Old English Co. without a doubt. It's a brand that I have reviewed in the past, loved and has never let me down.

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You're welcome.

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Will you be looking into these personalised notebooks from Old English Co.? Which one would you get?


  1. I absolutely loved personalized stationary, they also make for awesome gifts.

  2. Oh this is so beautiful Cat!!! I absolutely LOVE Old English Company for their personalised notebooks- and I actually have my own one on its way!