New Name, New Directions, New Beginnings.

Welcome to At Home With Cat, my home and lifestyle blog. We're still in the same place and everything might look similar but going forward, we're heading into a new direction, with a new beginning and I'm so excited about the future ahead for my new blog!

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A little history...

I have been blogging for over ten years now and for most of those ten years asWhat Cat Says. The blog name allowed me to blog about whatever I wanted to because I wasn't tied down to a niche but through my Grow and Glow training that I've been doing over the last few months, I've come to realise how important knowing who your audience and niche is. On top of that, I grew out of the name and it didn't really fit who I am and what I do anymore.

As What Cat Says, I focused on fashion and beauty for a long time, slowly moving into fashion and lifestyle for the majority of the last nine-ten years. But after a bumpy couple of years about two years ago, I lost my way and wasn't sure what I was doing on here entirely. I nearly quit blogging.

Fast forward to this year, the lockdown gave me the opportunity to spend some time on my blog and rediscover who I wanted to be as a blogger. I joined Grow and Glow and learnt a lot about blogging in 2020. A lot has changed since 2012! I thought long and hard about what I want to blog about and provide for readers like you and it fit what I was passionate about.

I rebranded but I still wasn't 100% happy and something in my head told me that a name change was needed.

Why the name change?

As some of you may know from previous posts, I'm moving again and I'm actually moving into my new home on Friday this week. Trying to move for the last year has been stressful and with a new beginning in a new home around the corner, I thought it was the best time to do this with my blog too.

I realised that my blog name was actually really boring, hard to find and you wouldn't know what my blog's about from it. I knew that in the future, I'd want to focus on affordable home style and decor content alongside some lifestyle posts and I had a name in mind for a while. It came to me when I was thinking about some future content and it stuck in my mind. I liked the way it sounded and it felt more 'me'. I needed a name that would allow you guys to know what kind of content you'd find from this blog, share a little of my personality and still allow me to provide some lifestyle content for you every now and then. I knew I wanted to keep my name in it too and that's when 'At Home With Cat' came to be.

A lot of the content I produce now is at home anyway and a lot of the future content will be about my new home - with me! And so it just made sense. I checked if the domain name was available and I bought it without regret. I kept the too since the majority of my audience is based right here in the UK and now, here we are!

What can we expect from At Home With Cat in the future?

With the move at the end of the week, you can expect a lot of home content around our new home and how we're going to decorate it. I have so many ideas for the house and I'm excited to document them, share room tours and decorating jobs. I also have a home-related collab very soon which I'm really excited about! Keep your eyes peeled for that one...

I also want to do a lot more home DIYs too since I know a lot of people loved those posts. Arts, crafts and DIYs are a big part of my life and so I'm excited to be able to post more of that soon. I've been holding off on DIYs since we didn't want to have more to move!

Of course, I still want to blog a little lifestyle along the way. I really want to visit a local flower picking farm sometime soon and blog about that and I absolutely love posting about my Papergang unboxings, so they're here to stay too.

And yes, from now be seeing a lot less beauty and fashion here. For me, creating that content wasn't making me happy and I always worried it wasn't good enough. I'd rather leave those to the fashion and beauty experts that I love to read and follow myself and focus on what I feel confident with.

I hope you love the new name. A lot of people on Twitter said to keep the old one, but I just couldn't do it! I'm really excited about the future here on At Home With Cat and I hope you'll stick around to watch me make my new house a home, DIY some new things and unbox some more stationery!

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