Papergang Unboxing | August 2020

It was so lovely to come back from my holiday to find this month's Papergang box had already come through the letterbox whilst I was away. I hadn't seen anything about August's box this time, including the packaging so I was excited to see what was inside when I saw the sea creature printed box which I thought was a perfect theme for August. This month's box was designed by Don Fisher. So, what's inside August's box?

A subscription box with a sea creature print

Inside August's Papergang Box

Various sea creature themed stationery
This month we have a sea creatures theme going on and already, I was loving the colour palette and design. I've just come back from a seaside holiday spotting sea creatures along the coast and trying Cromer crab at a restaurant one night, so some of these pieces felt a little more sentimental to me as they were already reminding me of my holidays.

Various sea creature themed stationery

Fish Shaped Desk Pad

A fish shaped desk pad
First, we have this fish-shaped desk pad which I'm already obsessed with! I love a desk pad and use them all the time to write notes, lists and all sorts so having such a large desk pad is lovely. I think this might have to come to work with me because I'm always writing things I need to remember on a desk pad there. I did consider giving it to my dad to use at the family chippy but I like it too much to give away!

Washi Stickers

Washi stickers shaped like stamps
When I first saw this, I thought it was washi tape but on closer inspection, I was excited to find out that these are little stickers which are shaped like stamps! It's super cute and the designs are lovely too. I think they'd be great for scrapbooking and bullet journaling!
I haven't tried them out yet but I'll probably use them in next month's bullet journal theme.

Crab Enamel Keyring

An orange enamel crab keyring
This keyring is adorable! We've never had a keyring in a Papergang box, so I was really pleased to see something I've never had before in this month's box. When I spoke about things being sentimental earlier, I was talking about this keyring because it made me think of my holiday. We went to Cromer in Norfolk for a day and Cromer is well-known for their crab, so I know I'll always think of these holidays when I put these on my keys later.

A5 Art Print

An art print with four fish
I'm not going to lie to you. I was so disappointed to see this print was crinkled and ruined around the edges when I took it out of the box, especially because the box was in good condition when it came through the post. I don't know what happened to it but it came like this. 

In terms of the print, this is probably the first time I haven't liked something from the Papergang box and I think it's just too simple for me and not my style. I think what I might do though is frame it and give it to my mum to put in the chippy. I think if she wants it, it'd make a cute display piece there.

A6 Notebook

A blank calendar card and a spotty notebook
A spotty notebook with the word notes in gold foil

Next in this month's box, was this notebook which I thought was really love and a perfect size to carry about with you. I cannot tell you how many times I've needed to jot something down whether it be something to remember or an idea when I've been out and about and lost it. Being a small A6 size means I can fit it in my bag and have that idea rather than losing it. It's a cute design and I'd love to see them create a larger version or one with more pages in the future.

Blank Calendar Card

A blank calendar card with a sea creature print

As per usual, we have another calendar card too and I think this one is really lovely for a summer/holiday month. I think I almost have 12 now, so I might make a flip calendar with them soon or use them in a bullet journal at the beginning of each month. Papergang has a FAQ highlight on their Instagram with lots of ideas on what to do with these cards if you're not sure! 

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As lovely as August's box was, unfortunately, it isn't one of my favourites. I did really like the keyring, washi stickers and desk pad but I think it's just not a design I would normally go for. This is the first time I'd say I wasn't 100% keen on the box but like I said, it's just down to personal preference! The colour scheme though is beautiful and is super similar to the blog's new colours too!

Which piece is your favourite from this month's box? Also, if you're thinking of joining Papergang, PLEASE use my link here to subscribe so that I might be able to get some free boxes in future! (I've only got one to go before a free box!) Thank you in advance!

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