I Opened my Own Etsy Shop called Cece Designs UK!

Yes! It's true. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that at the beginning of the month, I finally plucked up the courage to do something I've been wanting to do for years and opened up my own Etsy shop. I am now the proudly run Cece Designs UK making scrunchies and pencil cases/makeup bags/pouches!

Scrunchies and pouches laid out flat

How Did Cece Designs begin?

Cece Designs started off as an idea years ago. It didn't have a name and I didn't know what I wanted to sell, but I just knew that one day I'd be running my own little small business online. I wasn't going to start something without an idea and without knowing why I wanted to do it.
Fast forward to the beginning of this year and I started to think about the idea of running a shop again and I couldn't get it out of my head. It was the right time to do it because this time, I found my 'why' and I knew exactly what I wanted to sell.

As a teacher, blogger and all-round stationery lover, I love pencil cases, notebooks and all that which is why I chose to go with stationery/accessories. I especially love getting these things when they're unique or personalised from somewhere like Etsy. They feel that little bit more special when you've bought from a small business and I wanted to be a small business other bloggers, teachers and all-round stationery lovers like me bought from too!

Originally, I was going to start by selling prints but doubts about how good my art was stopped me and I've parked that idea until I feel more comfortable with it. Alongside that, I knew I wanted to sew my own scrunchies and pouches. I loved the idea of having a stationery/accessories shop and my future goal is to be selling more than just scrunchies and pouches. The prints will come one day soon and I have ideas for other stationery and accessory related products!

When I finally had my shop name, ideas and logo, I shared this idea with my boyfriend and he loved it! All I needed to do at this point was to acquire a sewing machine since all the sewing I'd ever done was on my mum's sewing machine back home. I asked my mum if I could borrow hers whilst I got started up and instead, she bought me my own sewing machine. The support from my family was unreal and it only just sparked my motivation and inspiration to do it even more!

Sewing machine behind scrunchies and pouches

Where did the name Cece Designs come from?

Cece Designs is a play on my name! Part of my initials are CC and so I used them to create the name, Cece. It's also the name of my little Fiat 500 which inspired the brand colours mint and grey - just like my car! And as for designs... well, it just sounded good and I thought designs would help allow my business to blossom beyond pouches, pencil cases and scrunchies. 

Also, just FYI the UK at the end is because CeceDesigns alone wasn't available on Etsy so the UK allowed me to have the name and explain where the items come from!

What do you sell on Cece Designs?

On Cece Designs, I currently sell scrunchies and pencil cases/pouches/makeup bags. Since pouches can be so versatile, I didn't want to limit calling them just pencil cases (which is what I originally intended them to be) because they can be used as makeup bags and pouches to store things in too.

At the moment, I'm making little limited collections which are made using colour coordinated packs of fat quarters. I think this makes each piece a little more special since you know just you or a limited few people have the same product! I make use of every last bit of fabric too to avoid waste which is why I've got a selection of large scrunchies and packs of skinny scrunchies too.

I've also got quite a large amount of fabric that was going to get thrown away which I asked if I could have to turn into scrunchies and pencil cases too including organza, velvet and some really pretty 80s inspired floral fabric which I've started to turn into scrunchies and are currently available in the shop. I'm so happy to be able to upcycle fabrics and turn them into something new instead of throwing them away too.

As I mentioned before, I plan to bring out other things in future, but for now, I want to establish myself with what I've got at the moment before I move onto other things. With that said, I'll be working on them in the background until I'm ready to release new products!

What's the first month up and running been like?

It's been just under a month and I have had 6 orders so far. My friends have been so supportive ordering from me and sharing their orders on Instagram for others to see! Their support means the absolute world to me and I'll forever be grateful to them for getting my small business off the ground.

I've been promoting the shop like crazy on TikTok and Instagram (shameless plug, follow me there) and having so much fun with it. It doesn't feel like work at the moment and I hope it never does. I'm slowly but surely growing a following there which I hope will help me generate some sales soon too!

This week, I received my first order from someone I don't know personally which is special because from looking at my stats, they found me through Etsy. They bought a pencil case that I'd only listed that night before too It took less than 6 hours to sell and it absolutely made my day!

I made quite a lot of stock in my first month live and I've got a couple of limited collections available now. One I've named the 'Dinosaur' collection (original right?) and the other I've called the 'Blue Garden' collection. I'm currently working on making some organza scrunchies and a new limited collection which will be the 'Dotty & Bright' collection.

Truly, the first month has been amazing and I'm so glad that I finally took a leap of faith and started this. There will be some mistakes made and successes along the way but I'm learning and having fun with it. Starting a small business during lockdown probably doesn't sound like the best idea but it did give me the time to set it up.

It's currently just a hobby-business but you never know what a small idea could turn into in the future...

Shop Cece Designs UK

I'd absolutely love it if you took a minute to check out my shop and I'd be even happier if you decided to order one of my scrunchies or pencil cases!

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  1. I love all the fabrics you've chosen - I'll definitely go and check out your Etsy. Good luck with your new venture <3

    Claire, G is for Gingers