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Well, hello everyone! It's been a little while since my last post but between being back at work and having a fab month with Cece Designs UK, it's been a bit tricky to get around to blogging. But with that said, I've got a great post for you today all about a new piece of art I've put up in the second bedroom from Photowall which they have sent for me to review.

Pink and gold printed canvas above a black framed bed.

About Photowall

Photowall is a Swedish brand who print almost anything onto wallpaper, canvases or posters and prints. They have an absolutely huge range of designs to suit anyone and any room in your home no matter what your style. Both the wallpaper and canvases are made to DIY at home and can be ordered in a wide range of sizes as they are printed to order.

Ordering My Canvas

When it came to order my canvas, Photowall kindly sent me a code so that I could order my canvas myself. I liked this because it meant I could experience what it would be like to shop the website and have the full experience of shopping with Photowall.

Canvas packaged in boxes

Knowing that I wanted something pink and gold for the bedroom, I went and had a look at their wide range of designs and found something I liked. I ordered the pink and gold decor canvas print and was reminded to order the canvas frame DIY kit to put together my canvas. I clicked the order button and it wasn't long before my order was confirmed and printed. It was a very quick service and I was really impressed.

Contents of the DIY canvas frame

When it was delivered, the canvases come rolled up in a long box and the frame was boxed separately which personally I liked. As a person who enjoys DIY, I loved the idea of putting together my own canvas and I also thought it was a great way of conserving the amount of packaging needed for the canvas.

Putting Together My Canvas

The canvas came with a great set of instructions which explained exactly how to put together the canvas and also shared a link to a video tutorial to watch in case you wanted any more guidance. It was pretty easy and I had my canvas together in no time.

Pink, gold and grey canvas off the frame.Canvas being placed on the frame.

Knowing how canvases are put together, I thought the design of the frame was really clever and the pre-glued sides made putting it together so much easier. I also found that when I did make a slight mistake, I could pull it off and readjust it without losing the adhesive on the frame.

Corners of the canvas to be folded onto the frame.Corners of the canvas glued onto the frame

Overall, it was a pain-free process and I had my canvas together in minutes!

What's The Canvas Quality Like?

The canvas is of great quality and I can't complain. It's been up about a week and a half now and it's looking as good as the day I put it up. Nothing has unpeeled which was my main concern and the screw-together frame ensure that the canvas is solid and secure. I also stuck in on with command strips and it has held it to the wall very nicely.

Completed framed and displayed gold, pink and grey canvas.

If there was anything that I didn't like is just that the way the frame needs to be put together means that the corners of the canvas are pinched between the frame and I'm not the biggest fan of the look of it. It doesn't bother me a lot because it's not noticeable but I was aware of it when I was putting it together. If there was a way of putting the canvas together without the pinched seam, it would be perfect!

Are they affordable?

If there's one thing I'm not keen on, it's the pricing of the canvas and wallpapers but I do understand why it's that little more expensive than what I would normally like to pay for something like this. Photowall has a huge range of designs and can print any image you're after onto wallpaper or canvas. They also print to order meaning that everything is made custom which means, prices can rack up.

One other thing I would mention is that I think the canvas frame DIYs should be included in the price as it and automatically added to the order when ordering a frame as it isn't the easiest to find on the website. It also means you know what the price is with the frame instantly rather than adding the price of the frame later.

Photowall Customer Service

When I ordered my frame, I did have a little mishap with the order but customer services were quick to help me out. I found my experience with Photowall's customer service brilliant as they responded and sorted things out very quickly. 

Pink, gold and grey canvas above a black day bed dressed in pink, cream and bronze bedding.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my experience with Photowall has been positive and I absolutely love my new canvas. It really ties together the colours in my second bedroom nicely and it's a nice size. The quality is a lot better than I expected and it was a lot easier to put together than I thought.

If you're looking for custom size canvases and unique mural style wallpapers, I would recommend Photowall 100% but I would be mindful that if you're on a budget, you might need to check that you're happy with the prices as they are more expensive than your standard wallpaper from a home DIY centre. They are always adding new designs in different colours and the team at Photowall can help you out with your own designs if you want to change colours or edit your own or existing designs. Though I personally find their products a little on the more expensive side, you do get a great product that I hope will last a very long time and is a little more personal.

Maybe next time, I'll get myself a mural wallpaper and do a feature wall in our bedroom...
What design would you pick from Photowall for your home?

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