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The weather has finally turned and I'm finding ice on my windscreen and that I'm wrapping up in about 4 layers of clothing. The layering I'm talking about isn't always my best look because all I want to do is keep warm. Luckily, I have pieces like my new gilet from Cari's Closet to keep me both stylish and warm at the same time.

Gilet * - Cari's Closet | Jeans - New Look | Top - New Look | Belt - Primark

I've worn this gilet a few of times now since I got it and I adore it. It's quite big (it's all faux fur!) as you might be able to tell, but it works! I love that it's got these faux fur layers with faux leather in between (which you can't really see) and it just feels super luxurious. I've been wearing this with long sleeve tops and jumpers for the full effect and always something in a different colour to contrast the black. It's quickly becoming a common worn piece in my wardrobe and is definitely keeping me warmer in this freezing weather!

Here I've worn it with one of my favourite basic looks that can always be jazzed up with something like this gilet. I love this grey, high neck and long sleeved top tucked into a pair of high-waist jeans and a favourite belt. I want to wear it with a dress or a skirt next just to see how it looks, but I'm sure it'll look as good as it does here.

Oh, and bonus! It has really good concealed pockets too!

The gilet is winning right now and honestly, it's a great alternative to the two I already have, which is my white or natural one (you may have seen it in outfits previously). It's been nice having something darker and looking again on their website, I'm keen to get a coloured one too. Keeping my eyes on the green and yellow hooded gilets at the moment. Maybe I can add one of them to my collection really soon. If you're thinking about buying a faux gur gilet, Cari's Closet has a fab range of styles and colours to choose from. They're so worth the money, especially because their pieces are of high quality. I was gifted this piece but I have worked and bought from Cari's Closet before and those pieces are still in my wardrobe to this day. I'd totally recommend them!

If you were to pick up your own faux fur gilet, what colour would you pick and why?

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