9 Ways To Bring Joy This Christmas

When I think about bringing joy, I think about the things that are beyond gift giving. I'm thinking about acts of kindness, selflessness and generosity in alternative ways. Today I thought it would be nice to share some ways you could bring joy to others this Christmas. There are some ideas that are around gift giving, but they're also ones that would bring joy to the receiver, yourself and the seller.
  • Send a text/message/email. Most of us have friends and/or family that we don't often speak to but we still think and care about. This Christmas, take the time to send them a message; whether it's via text, Whatsapp, Facebook or even email just to say Merry Christmas. Making it more personal would be even more special and let that person know you thought about them at this time of year. With technology that let's us instantly ping messages to people, it's a quick and easy way to bring joy.
  • Give or send a Christmas Card. If you're like me, you might like to give and receive Christmas cards. It's the perfect way to spread joy at Christmas and like a message, let's someone know you thought of them. What's nice about Christmas cards is that you can put them up and remember that person thought of you every time you look at it. It's a pretty reminder.
  • Say Merry Christmas! No. Really. Even if it's to a neighbour walking past you on your road, or the person serving you the milk you forgot to buy at the local shop. A simple "Merry Christmas" can make a person's day.
  • Help a charity. Every year, John and I have made an effort to donate to the dog's home around Christmas time. Last year we bought a bunch of blankets from IKEA for all the dogs at the shelter and this year we might do something similar. We usually prefer to donate to dog charities simply because we are such dog people and also, we like to think about the animals that might be alone this Christmas too. I know some people who volunteer their services on Christmas Day at local shelters and it's just nice to know that anyone, person or animal, will appreciate your services around this time of year.

  • Donate goods. If you can't offer your services or donate money, you might like to donate things you don't need anymore to a local charity shop. Not only will you be getting rid of some things you don't need or use anymore, but you will be stocking up a local charity shop which in turn will raise money for the charity.
  • Be kind to people - especially the ones in retail. Please remember that for the retail business, this may be one of the busiest times of the year. The people working in retail can find this time really stressful so be the best customer you can be. Understand that they're there to help you and doing the best they can to help you with what you need. And be patient. Remember you're in amongst hundred (or even thousands) of other shoppers who are in the same boat as you. Be patient in the queue, remember your manners when you walk around and smile at people. It honestly does the world a lot of good. I always make sure I tell the person who's just served me to have a good day, and around Christmas, I say Merry Christmas. You never know, you might be the only person who said it to them that day and you might be the person who put a smile on their face. THIS INCLUDES YOUR LOCAL POST-PERSON. They're working hard with your online orders!
  • Make your gifts. I was watching a show on TV the other day where they talked about the pressure to spend at Christmas, top last year's gift and what to give the person who has everything and they made a point to say that it isn't about the gift you give but it's the thought that counts. I've always lived by this and I truly believe this is true because my favourite presents that I've ever received aren't the most expensive or tech-savvy. No, they're the ones with a lot of thought involved. They might have a bit of effort and a whole lot of love. I truly believe this and that's why I think maybe you could think about making your gifts this year. I'm still yet to do a year where I've made everyone's gift but I will one year.
  • Buy from local and/or independent businesses. This year I want to buy from a few Etsy sellers and I'm also going to Cambridge for a bit of Christmas shopping this weekend. I'm hoping to find some gifts from some of my local and independent businesses rather than getting it from the usual places. I truly believe that not only will the receiver love the gift, but the business will benefit from your purchase too, bringing joy to them also.
  • Spend time with the people you love. I know this sounds really obvious but spend time with them properly. Go and see them, talk to them, appreciate them, laugh and smile with them, show them that you're there and indulge in that time together. Christmas is a time for love and family and nothing brings more joy than being together and spending that quality time together.

How will you be bringing joy to others this Christmas?

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  1. I love giving at Christmas, I honestly spoil people to show how much I care about them and to thank them for all they’ve done for me! Small acts of kindness are so lovely not only at Christmas but all year round!

    Isobel x

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