Christmas Wreath DIY


I love making things around Christmas and I especially like making Christmas DIYs. This year, I bought a large bag full of DIY  the very first thing I've made is a wreath I can use year after year. Last year, I made a fresh Christmas wreath and I was sad to throw it away when we finished using it. It inspired me to make a 'forever' Christmas wreath and I decided to make a wooden and rustic-inspired one which I'm super proud of!

To make this wreath I bought most of my materials from Hobbycraft. The only thing that wasn't was the natural pine cones which were from Poundland. I knew I wanted to make something that was rustic and I was inspired by the things in Hobbycraft. I thought about making a wreath with faux greenery but I thought I'd challenge myself to make something a little different. I think the first things I picked up was the cinnamon sticks and the glittered pine cones and I think it all just went from there. To add a little colour I wanted the classic Christmas red bows too. I wasn't sure it'd work but I got them anyway, because otherwise I'd use them for presents anyway.

When I had all the things I needed, I laid it all out with the wreath in the middle. I began by placing the larger things like the glittery flowers, then the cinnamon stick parcels, the orange slices and finally the bows where it worked best. I glued these all on with hot glue to make sure they stayed in place.

The last thing I put on were the pine cones. I started with the biggest ones placing them carefully closest to the featured areas of the wreath and then filling the gaps with the small ones. I was surprised at how useful the tiny ones were. I'm keen to make another and use more of them! I also really liked that these pine cones had copper/brown glitter too. I think it worked well to keep the glitz of the wreath consistent but without taking too much attention away from the focus points.

I also slightly decorated the wreath hanger too so that the white hook wouldn't be seen and ruin the look. I covered it in the straw and then added a cinnamon parcel on top to camouflage it a little bit and make it look part of the wreath. I think it works really well, even if I say so myself!

I really love this wreath and I'm quite proud of it! Its the first wreath that I've made like this and I'm so happy I get to keep it and use it year after year. I'm really keen to make another one but more classic, with faux greenery and maybe theme it to match the house with red, silver and white. I'd use a rustic wreath like this again I think. I really like the 'twisted twigs' wreath look. The hook doesn't quite fit on my front door so it's not outside yet. I've got to get a hook to stick on the glass.

The whole wreath cost about £15-20 overall which is about the same as getting a ready made one but just a tad cheaper than one you can make at a decently priced workshop. What I like about this one though, is that it won't die and I can use it again and again. I also used almost all the materials too and I personally think it's worth the money. I genuinely think I'll be making another one before Christmas comes around.

What do you think of my first wreath DIY? Do you like it? Would you like to make your own wreath?

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  1. Oh my goodness that's such a cute idea. I would never actually have thought of making one myself. But I imagine it would make a lovely present B X