My Christmas Tree 2018

For Blogmas Day 3, I thought I'd share how I set up my Christmas tree this year. It's our first Christmas in the new house so it's nice to have it in a living room and in a proper place with all the branches on. We have a plastic Christmas tree that we've used for the past 7 years and though John had quite a large room, it didn't quite fit well enough. We used to use half the tree and place it strategically against the wall so you couldn't tell.

Our Christmas tree theme has stayed the same year after year, but it has had a few of additions this year. I know having tinsel on your tree isn't a thing people seem to be doing anymore but we still like it so we used tinsel too. That said, my mum hasn't used it for the past couple of years and her tree looks amazing. I'm thinking next year we try a no-tinsel look.

As you can see, our theme is red and white with nature elements running through where we can and silver tinsel. I really love the colour scheme we have and I don't intend on changing it for a long time but like I said before... I'm wondering what it'll look like without tinsel. I know I could change it now, but to be honest, I don't want to because I went out to get more red (we didn't have enough to go around a full tree) and I don't want the tinsel to go to waste.

Anyway, instead of explaining all about the tree, I'm going to let the photos do the talking. This post is up super late (and honestly scheduled to be dated the 3rd because it's already past midnight because I just got home and didn't schedule this) because I've had a really busy day but I was determined to get it up and avoid failing Blogmas already!

So that's my tree! No it isn't the most Instagram-worthy and beautifully put together tree, but it's my tree and I love it. Some baubles have sentimental value and the collection of ornaments have a little history to them too. It's not always about the prettiest tree but about what you put on it sometimes and the time you decorate it together. Remember that if you think your tree isn't Instagramable! According to the set standard, mine isn't. But you'll see it on there at some point in the next few weeks.

How do you decorate your tree at Christmas?

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