What I Got For Christmas 2018

I honestly can't believe that Christmas is over and we're closer to 2019 than we are to the Christmas that's just been. Quick as a flash, it was over and I feel like I missed a day or something. This year, Christmas was weird but also nice because it's the first one in our new place. John and I loved waking up on Christmas morning together but we also had to travel down to see our families at our old places too. It was different, but it was lovely. I got some lovely things this year and I thought it's about time I do my annual Christmas present post. If you see these posts as bragging, I'm going to let you know, I'm really not. But if you're like me, you like these kinds of posts to not only be nosy, but to get present ideas for the future too.

I was super pleased to be given a bunch of things that keep me comfy and cosy. And if not to keep me comfy and cosy, to glam me up or to experience. I also got a ridiculous amount of chocolate and a couple of other gifts I got after I took these photos which I'll be sure to mention at some point also.

First, I have this beautiful Swarovski bracelet from my mum. She knew how much I liked hers she got me one just like it. I absolutely love bracelets so I was really happy to receive this, but even more so that I have one just like my mum's. It feels really special. It has a magnetic clasp so it's easy to put on but it does also mean I have to be a little bit careful when it is on that it doesn't come off!

My little sister knows me well and got me some really comfy pyjamas. This night dress is not only that stretchy soft jersey material, it's very comfortable to wear and has a very fitting quote: 'Love sleep'. And to go with my new pyjamas, I finally have a mermaid blanket that John got me! I was extremely excited when I unwrapped it and saw what it was because I'd always secretly wanted one. What I like is that he got a teal one to match the cushions in our living room. Intentional or not, it does! I've been living in this combo of pyjama and blanket since Christmas Day.

When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said one thing: flat black boots. Not only did I get a pair for my birthday, but both my mum and my uncle got me a pair. What I like, is that they are all completely different. I've got my 'Timberland' style lace up boots and now I've got a pair of flat glittery ankle Chelsea boots and some that I'd describe as 'fluffy snow boots' which I think are lovely for the cold weather I'm sure we're still yet to have. I've already worn them and they're super comfy on.

I was really surprised to see this under the tree from my dad, simply because I didn't expect it! It's the Too Faced Then and Now palette. He got one for me and he also got one for my sister. It's my first Too Faced palette and I already adore it and want more of their palettes. It's brought me back to loving and adding bright colours back into my makeup looks. I also love that there's a little history and story to this palette: it makes it a little more special!

Next I have another comfy thing that I've been living in since Christmas Day. I love a good dressing gown and this is a good dressing gown for two reasons. Firstly, because it's fluffy and soft and secondly, because it has a hamster hood! I think my friends and family have the message that I'm a dedicated 'hamster mum' now.

One present I'm really excited about is my tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which is on my 30 before 30 list! I'm so excited that I'll finally get to be going and I think I'll be booking it for March time. I've always wanted to go but never managed to book it. I'm really looking forward to finally having that experience and seeing the set for myself.

I've wanted a Magnitone cleansing brush for a really long time - years, so when I opened this up, I was so happy. I know that my brother goes to my blog for ideas, and I kinda feel bad that I put it out there sometimes for that reason but I think it's sweet that he came here to find something I'd really like for Christmas. We're kinda out there and tell each other what we want for Christmas and birthdays anyway.

Next, I have my newest white gold earrings. A few years back, I had to stop wearing regular earrings because they were irritating my ears and causing me quite a lot of pain, and so John bought me a pair of white gold hoops which I've worn almost everyday since. This year for Christmas, John bought me another pair, but this time these gorgeous studs which I describe as 'infinity bows'. (John confirms that they are called 'infinity' earrings!) I think these earrings are gorgeous and it's going to be nice wearing something different to what I've worn almost everyday for the last 3-4 years.

John has always been thoughtful with his gifts, hence the earrings, and has always managed to find fun and interesting gifts like this tassel USB! I genuinely thought he got me another tassel for the bag he got me for my birthday until he said "you don't know what it is, do you?" I made a face and he showed me what was hidden beyond the tassels. What's lovely is that he thought about the fact I always take my charger cable with me and that now I can have one on my bag with me at all times. Honestly, it's brilliant and has already been useful!

Lush is always a good gift and so I was happy to have a little more Lush to add to the collection of bath bombs that I've made in my bathroom. I didn't get a chance to go to Lush and buy any Christmas bits this year so I'm glad I have some to try. I'm really looking forward to finally using these in a bath in the very near future, aka: tomorrow.

Moving on, here is another fun gadget that John managed to find that I've been loving. This is a book light! When it's closed, it stays off and when it's open, it's as bright as a lamp. It's rechargeable too so it doesn't run through batteries after batteries.

To go with my fluffy dressing gown, new pyjamas and blanket, I have the cutest llama slippers from my littlest brother. It's proper cute and they're so cosy. My brother is great with presents like this. He's thoughtful and knows just what to get you to put a smile on your face.

Last but not least, I have here a pamper set with a mug, candle, eye mask, fluffy socks and some hot chocolate and popcorn. It's a perfect gift for someone like me who loves comfy things, pampering and home things like the candle and mug. I haven't used it all yet but I'm planning a pamper evening where I can take advantage of all the cosy goodies I was given this Christmas.

A couple of things I didn't photograph was a beautiful mug and tea set from my bestie (simply because I took these photos before I saw her), a couple of gift cards and I also had a lot of chocolate and some presents for Cracker too. It was so sweet because John and I weren't the only ones to get him presents!

As I do all Christmases, I feel really lucky and appreciate all the gifts I've been given. It was truly a lovely Christmas and it's just such a shame it went so fast. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got some lovely gifts. If you've shared your presents on Instagram or your blog, I'd love to see! Share your links in the comments.

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