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Today I thought I'd share what I wore to my work's Christmas party yesterday. Firstly, because this skirt is just too pretty to not share. And secondly, because this is my favourite party outfit I've ever worn. I bought this outfit just a week ago after a dress I bought was way too tight around my neck and though was my size, fitted a lot smaller. Overall, it had to go back and I ended up buying this combo on ASOS. All I knew is that I now wanted a metallic skirt after missing out on one on Missguided and long sleeves in case I got cold.

Skirt - QED London via ASOS / Bardot Bodysuit - ASOS / Shoes - Quiz Clothing / Belt - Primark

I've never had a metallic skirt but I've got a black pleated skirt similar to this one. After finding some style inspiration from Pinterest, I knew exactly how I would wear one for a party look and found this skirt on ASOS. Luckily, I had a discount code for party-wear and so this skirt was quite cheap.

I decided that instead of going for the classic black top, I'd go for white instead. I love wearing white tops and though I'm not a bardot kinda gal, I thought this one from ASOS might work for me because it reminds me of the one I've got from Nasty Gal. This Nasty Gal bardot is a bodysuit and also has long sleeves. It's the first and only bardot top I have that stays exactly where it's supposed to sit without adjustments every 5 minutes. I usually worry about having to adjust the top back onto my shoulders or up from falling down my arms, but this bardot works for me sitting exactly where it's supposed to all night and suiting my style and body type.

Though I was describing my outfit as a 'glittery snowflake' look, I decided to 'Cat-ify' things and clash my shoes. Firstly, because I didn't want to wear the heels that had caused me blisters a couple of weeks before (my favourite silver heels), but also because I really felt that I needed some colour somewhere. Oddly, I feel like it works and mainly because my skirt is so holographic that the colours reflecting off the skirt worked with the colours all over my shoes. 

I don't normally style my hair and I wasn't going to. I was simply going to straighten my hair and leave it down but I felt I needed to do something different. I still kept it simple by tying it up to the side and down low. Not the fanciest hair-do at all but I liked it. My makeup was my absolute favourite though. I think it's the first time I mastered a glittering eye look and voluminous lashes and I loved it. I felt like my makeup was my best look yet and I'm already thinking about recreating it for Christmas Day.

It was such a fun evening and my outfit held up well. I did end up with my shoes off and in socks at some point in the evening and I also may have potentially drank a little too much prosecco. I love a good Christmas Party and this is one of the best ones I've been to in a long time. I really enjoyed myself and got to relax with some of the friends I've made at work. Definitely an evening to remember!

What do you think of this look? Does it pass as a Christmas Party outfit in your eyes?

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