Pretty Little Shoulder Straps;

A white cami with embellished staps
A close up of embellished top straps
Embellished Cami Top - Miss Selfridge
So it's not often I'm not wearing black, as I have to wear it every day to work. It's not that I don't like wearing black, it's that after a while you forget how to wear colours even though you're merchandising colours and trends for your job! My recent weekend outfits have been very simple and not really blog-post worthy, but I whilst visiting Cambridge I wore my new Miss Selfridge top and completely forgot to take any outfit photos, so I took some snippets of the top because I think it's so pretty! No face - I looked a state because I was a little ill!
I love this top and think it's a worthy investment, which I don't often make! As it's a versatile piece that can be dressed up or dressed down, and with monochrome key this season I can work this with loads of my black pieces adding a colour pop with a necklace or some lovely shoes. This time I wore it with my thick black leggings and a blazer to look casual but ready for business. I can imagine myself wearing this more with jeans and a pop colour blazer (that I need to invest in!) for a casual look or with a skater tucked in for more of a dressy girly look. 
I usually go for something that isn't so simple, or dressy. But I really liked it, and the quality is lovely! I love wearing white too, and although I was hesitant about it at first because I thought it wasn't really me, I think the ways I said I would wear it seem more than a good enough reason to buy it! I think I've finally got my head around how investments work. I also haven't got anything nice and simple like this that I can wear with so much, so hopefully, this is the start of a few more simple pieces to go with my statement ones ;)
I also can't wait until it warms up a little bit so I can show off these embellished straps a little better!
What can't you wait to show off?


  1. The detail on the strap is so feminine and pretty! Great post :) x

  2. oh i love the straps, they are so cute! xo