Where Cat Went: Cambridge

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I recently took a trip up to Cambridge for work. I went to do a little Brand Specialist training at their local Miss Selfridge, where I learnt quite a lot! And I thought that whilst I was up there and I'd done all my training, I deserved to explore a little! 

After I had finished my day at work, I headed off for lunch at the first place that made me go "ooh!", so West Cornwall Pasty it was. I had possibly sat there eating my food, drinking tea and working through all the notes for my days work for about an hour and a half. No lies! And once I felt I'd really done my days work, I set off to enjoy Cambridge.

It's so beautiful, tranquil and is filled with so many amazing shops that I couldn't decide where to go. My favourites being Cath Kidston, The Fudge Kitchen, Blobb, Lush, and Office!

I took a few photos to share and show off, so I thought I'd blog them too. I do plan on visiting again because it was so nice and full of things to see and do! But I don't think I would have realised how nice it was if I didn't have to go there for work purposes, but I'm so glad I did :)

Bikes against a church fence
Tea and a cornish pasty
View outside a café window
A market square
Telephone boxesBuilding decor in Cambridge
Buildings in Cambridge
Colourful shop window
Cath Kidston shop window
A hot sausage market stall
A fudge making shop
Fudge cooling on marble

It reminded me a bit of Amsterdam with all the bikes...
Is there anywhere else that's pretty with lots to do you'd recommend to visit in Britain?


  1. If you liked Cambridge you would probably like Oxford too ? It's similar in that it's full of old, beautiful buildings but slightly better for shopping etc :)
    I'm based here for uni and I love it :)

    Bex x


    1. I may do you know I always thought Oxford would be nice :) XO

  2. I'd suggest going to Bath if you enjoyed Cambridge, It also has lovely od buildings and plenty of things to see!


    1. I've always wanted to go to Bath. I think it looks amazing in photos every time I see some! Thanks for your comment :) XO

  3. ahh i love cambridge! my best friend used to go to university there and i always used to love sneaking away weekends to go and visit him! i was always so jealous. i agree with the two comments already here, if you're looking for somewhere like cambridge, bath and oxford are definitely places to consider!

    1. It is such a pretty place! I loved it :) I may have to decide a little trip to Bath one day! XO

  4. I'd love to go to Cambridge, I have a few friends at university there! It all looks so lovely and quintessentially English!

    louisejoyb x