Denim + Ducks

Person with her hand on her hipPerson wearing a coat outside
Person wearing a denim shirt with heart sleeves
Shirt - Primark
Skirt - River Island
Snood Coat - New Look
Chelsea Boots (*) - Sperry Top-Sider
Necklace - eBay
Okay. So I can't figure out how half of you take your pictures out on the street because I got some funny looks and I tried to pretend I was doing some sort of photography project. I really feel silly taking pictures of myself! So I only took a quick few and this is what I could salvage from what I took. I look really awkwardly posed and like I have bendy feet!
I just wanted to share my outfit from yesterday. I finally got myself a denim shirt, because every girl needs a denim shirt in their wardrobe. Come to think of it... I just realised I do actually have one. Ha! But I saw this one on a recent spontaneous shopping trip and it was the first thing I saw in Primark. I fell in love with it instantly and had to have it. The chiffon sleeves with heart prints really made it feel a little different to a simple denim shirt. I love that it also has denim cuffs too. It's not the most versatile shirt, but it's dead cute and clashing prints is still in right?
I haven't yet shared this skirt I picked up a few weeks ago in River Island. I've worn it a few times and posted it on Instagram. I think I am an absolute sucker for anything with an animal print on it, and this especially caught my eye! I love the quality too as it has another layer underneath, came with the belt and just feels a lot better quality than I expected for the price! Love it.
I'm still wearing my Chelsea Boots nearly every day! They're so versatile and work well with almost every outfit! I can't help but want to throw them on with everything from day dresses, midi dresses and to jazz up the simple jeans and tee combo!
I'm hoping to wear this shirt in so many more ways because I love it so much! So I'm thinking of doing ways to wear post with my denim shirt. What do you think?
And how would you wear a denim shirt?