What I Got For Valentine's Day

Orchid bouquet, chocolates and a pretty charm bracelet.

I was definitely spoilt this year for Valentine's Day when my boyfriend gave me these lovely gifts. The thing with my boyfriend is, that he does things I don't expect. Which is why I LOVED this orchid bouquet. Absolutely beautiful!

He also bought me chocolates... Because if there is anything you have to get from your loved one on Valentine's Day, it's the cheeky chocolates! 

An orchid bouquet, chocolates and jewellery

He also gave me the most beautiful Thomas Sabo charm bracelet! It's so pretty and has the cutest heart 'love' charm. Unfortunately, it is too small for my wrists so we're going to change it for a bigger one this weekend. But I can't stop looking at it, I love it so much!

Thomas Sabo bracelet

We also spent our Valentine's evening going to the cinema to watch A Good Day To Die Hard (which I might add was a great film but not the best of the five) and eating fast food. I loved that we did something we'd do on any other evening out together, because even though it wasn't different, it felt different and more romantic, just because it was V. Day. It was perfect, we didn't need the expensive posh meal or the violinist playing music for us, and the grand gestures of love, we just needed each others company. That's enough to show true love. And if we had our own place? I'd insist on Chinese takeaway and films or rubbish TV at home  than anything else. (But I wouldn't mind the romantic gestures once in a blue moon!)
Did you do anything for valentine's day?


  1. you were so lucky! it a shame it didn't fit, its gorgeous! i have the opposite problem, i have baby wrists!



  2. So sweet! Hate being single sometimes.