What's In Cat's Bag?

I've been on the edge of doing one of these posts for months. And finally, I have got up off my lazy bottom and finally taken the pictures for the post! I think it helps that I sorted through my bag earlier, and I also haven't shown off the pretty Warehouse bag my boyfriend gave me for Christmas!

Black studded bucket bag
Black studded bucket bag close up

So this is my pretty bag! It's still available at Warehouse today, and it also comes in a tan colour, but it was love at first sight with the rock-chick black bucket-styled bag. I love it because it's a simple statement with its circle studded detailing on the bottom, and it's big tassel swinging from the handles. It has a flat bottom too so it doesn't fall over every 5 seconds, and its size is deceiving as it is a whole lot bigger than you think! I end up filling it with all sorts of rubbish, but it has NEVER reached the top!

Contents of a bag
Phone and glasses

First, of course: my essentials. Those things you say when people ask you: "What's the 5 things you CANNOT leave the house without"? Well, these are mine: My purse, keys to my Peugeot 206, my work lanyard, glasses (that I never wear), pen and iPhone! I bought this purse from New Look and found it cute at the time but I kind of want something neon now. I won't show you what's inside because that's like evading personal space... Anyways! I never wear my glasses but I always have them on me. I'm terrible with that because I need them for reading and concentration, and most everyday tasks involve that. Also, CANNOT live without having my iPhone on me, even if the battery is dead... It's a security thing I guess... But I currently have a doodle case on it I've Instagrammed a few times. It's currently got an attempted panda on it. And I'd like to share a little tip with you: always carry a pen, because you never know when you might need one... And I often need one!

Notebooks and magazines
Sketch book

After my essentials, I have my book types. I always carry the latest issue of Company which is probably the only magazine I actually READ; My diary I bought early February and updated as if I'd been using longer... I was never really a diary person but I help give hope of organisation... because I have a huge inability to be organised. And also my newest addition. A moleskin sketch book... I find myself having waves of creativity where I want to draw and then I don't want to, so I keep this in my bag just in case I have that sort of moment. I've also shared with you my most favourite piece I've done in it.

Make up and brushes

Lastly, I have my make-up and beauty products! I don't carry much with me because I'm terrible at fixing up my make-up mid way through the day... But here's a sneaky peek as to what I do carry! I've got my newest addition: Lush colour supplement in Light Yellow, which I'm finding to be surprisingly great! I love it and matches my skin colour perfectly! And I never find a foundation colour that does that... I also have Charles Worthington 'On The Go' hair serum for when my hair's gone a bit everywhere, and a comb because I dislike brushing and this works better with my unruly hair! I also love carrying my Simple hand cream because it's been the saviour of dry hands these last icy months.

I feel like I've written a lot about so little in my bag!
But I hope you enjoy my post and link me up to your posts or videos if you've done one too.


  1. aww really loved reading this! same thing about me and my phone! :D

    1. Awww thanks! We're all the same I think, I don't think I could feel normal without my phone! XO

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) The bof gave it to me for Christmas!! XO