GHD IV Proffesional Styler

On my birthday in December, my boyfriend bought me probably the best gift a girl with unruly curls could have! And no one knows why it took until now to blog about it.

GHDs on a leaopard background

Before these, I'd never owned a pair of straighteners. I bought some cheap £7 ones from Asda when I was at uni but how much use were they going to be really? I used them a couple of times to straighten my fringe out after waiting 15 minutes for it to heat up. Burning yourself on them was not in the slightest possible. So that doesn't count AT ALL.
Now I have my GHDs, I don't know how I spent so much time blow drying it straight (or as straight as I could get it). I've had these nearly two months now, and I use them ALL the time. I have tried to balance days with natural curls with those without but the longest I've kept without using my new miracle worker was two days. Yesterday, and the day before.
I have to admit, I have also pretty much have neglected my Babyliss Big Hair Styler now, and I should give it some love again soon as I do love the volume it gives my hair. But I'm so overwhelmed by how amazing these classic GHDs are. This beauty heats up in a matter of seconds, and with a quick swipe down on my lion-like curls, and they're smooth and sleek as can be! There is nothing more and nothing less to it which is what I love about them most, they just heat up and go! Here's the before and after:

Person with curly hairPerson with straight hair

As you can see, they really have a huge effect on how my hair looks, and in fact how I look in general. They change my face, and my look completely! And with curls like that, GHDs are my bad hair day savers! I love having curly hair, and it's not something I wish I didn't have, but I also love experimenting with different styles. Before my boyfriend got me these, I've never had it straight like this longer than the day it was done in the salon. And now I can have tame hair everyday if I want to!
I also thought I'd mention that I use Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo and Conditioner as well as Tresemme Heat Defense Spray to protect my hair from all the heat and styling, so I know I'm not going to dry out and destroy my hair. My hair suffers most from styling, and it dries it out very quickly, so using these all together sets me up for having hydrated, healthy sleek hair all day long! I'd definitely recommend all these products if you use GHDs or any other high heated stylers! It's all I've used since I got them!
The cheeky bugger was very sly about this, and influenced this post to find out if I would like a pair because I never said anything about having them. And once he saw the post, he knew that it would be something I'd love to have, but probably wouldn't buy myself. I can't believe he did, and I think I have the best boyfriend ever. He knows me well, I must say ♥
What are your thoughts on GHDs?

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